Murmur Records Complete Discography (2008-2010)

Murmur Records Complete Discography (2008-2010)

murmur has become a gem in the stone path of electronic music labels, a consistent voice of quality through their series of vinyl and global events. ‘No Fit State’ is a vinyl sampler for the label, bringing together some gifted artists and insightful music to celebrate the label’s journey.

MUR001 Rekleiner – Some People

  • Some people – Original Mix
  • Some people – Daniel Stefanik Remix

[MUR001] Rekleiner – Some people

MUR002 Reclick Nick Curly – If U Like EP

  • If U LIke EP
  • Nick Curly – ‘Amballo’
  • Nick Curly – ‘Katanga’

[MUR002] Reclick Nick Curly – If u like EP

MUR003 Bearweasel – Orpington EP

  • Pillow Down
  • Wander Down (Dubshape Remix)
  • Wander Down

[MUR003] Bearweasel – Orpington EP

MUR004 Craig Torrance & Philip Hochstrate – The Thoroughfare

  • Original Mix
  • SiS Remix

[MUR004] Craig Torrance & Philip Hochstrate – The thoroughfare

MUR005 Tom Demac – Stand Beside Me EP

  • Stand Beside Me
  • Three By Four
  • Stand Beside Me (Glimpse Remix)
  • Stand Beside Me (Geddes Dub)

[MUR005] Tom Demac – Stand beside me EP

MUR006 Nick Curly – Critical Mass EP

  • Critical Mass
  • Kalimba (Geddes Mix)
  • Kalimba

[MUR006] Nick Curly – Critical mass EP

MUR007 Nima Gorji – The Gypsy Way EP

  • Hopp Hopp
  • Shing A Ling
  • Hopp Hopp (Einzelkind Remix)
  • Digital Only: Gamma

[MUR007] Nima Gorji – The gypsy way EP

MUR008 Tom Demac – Prima Donna

  • Prima Donna
  • Prima Donna (Seuil Remix)

[MUR008] Tom Demac – Prima donna

MUR009 Geddes & Alex Jones – Paper Weight EP

  • Tubular
  • Zeiss
  • Tubular (Lauhaus remix)

[MUR009] Geddes & Alex Jones – Paper weight

MUR010 Inxec & Matt Tolfrey – Mile 569 EP

  • Jerk
  • Bring It

[MUR010] Inxec & Matt Tolfrey – Mile 569 EP

MUR011 Tom Demac – Crewcuts & Curls EP

  • Crewcuts & Curls
  • Sweet Humming
  • Digital Only: In Your Eyes

[MUR011] Tom Demac – Crewcuts & Curls EP

MUR012 Simon Baker – Moonblock Mamaia Highway Dragsnap

  • Moonblock
  • Mamaia Highway
  • Nima Gorji ‘Gamma’
  • Dragsnap (Digital Only)

[MUR012] Simon Baker – Moonblock Mamaia highway Dragsnap

MUR013 Mic Newman – Sizzled Sally EP

  • Sizzled Sally
  • 5 O’Clock
  • Elephante (Digital only)

[MUR013] Mic Newman – Sizzled sally

MUR014 Nima Gorji – Yesterdays EP

  • Forbidden Ritual
  • Watchin Out

[MUR014] Nima Gorji – Watchin ‘out

MUR015 Chris Wood & Meat – Back down EP

  • Back Down Dub
  • Back Down
  • Back Down (Sacha Dive’s Chunky Dub)

[MUR015] Chris Wood & Meat – Back down EP

MUR016 Matt Tolfrey Christopher Sylvester – Real Talk EP

  • Real Talk Ft. Kevin Knapp
  • Real Talk Ft. Kevin Knapp (Ryan Crosson’s Post Up Remix)
  • Reality1

[MUR016] Matt Tolfrey Christopher Sylvester – Real Talk EP

MUR017 Tom Demac – Crewcuts And Curls Remixes

  • In Your Eyes (Wolf + Lamb Remix)
  • Crewcuts&Curls (Jamie Jones Remix)
  • Luke Solomon Remix
  • Luke Solomon Dub

[MUR017] Tom Demac – Crewcuts And Curls Remixes

MURDIG03 VA – Timorous EP

murmur’s ‘Timorous’ special VA sampler pairs the new talents Claire Ripley and Ruthit with murmur favourite, Mic Newman in a fresh thinking exclusive package.

‘Timorous’ begins with the funk-drenched sounds of Claire Ripley, whose ‘Slow Loris’ is a hypnotic and positively charming affair. An enticing start that leads nicely into Ripley’s ‘Peter Likes Pak Choi’, alive with tidy drum rolls and sweeping atmospherics. Claire Ripley is best known for releases on Steve Bug’s highly respected Dessous Recordings.

‘Alright’ is also the debut for Ruthit on murmur. Slow and seductive it tallies with murmur’s laidback creative approach to underground dance floor music. Ruthit used to be resident at Ibiza’s Zoo Project, one of the island’s most loved underground event. After his first summer season he returned to the UK to the sad news of a close friend passing away and vented his grief in the studio full of emotion, the track that came out of this, ‘Cameronian’, was immediately signed to Four:Twenty. A remix closely followed on the same label as well as a deal on Matt Star’s underground label. This young mastermind has finished a remix for Darren Emerson and is collaborating with Carlos Sanchez & DJ Ray (8bit / Supernature), Kabuto & Kojo (Supernature / Get Physical / Area Remote), MANIK (Ovum / Pokerflat) and Dualton (Viva / Bedrock).

Mic Newman is the young Australian musical talent that rose to prominence with some strong releases in 2009, his biggest release being ‘Sizzled Sally’ on murmur, which led to a tight relationship with the label. ‘The Cause’ is a typical late night burner from him, armed with an enveloping bassline, simmering drums and sparks of energy.

[MURDIG03] VA – Timorous EP

MURDIGI001 Angeln EP

  • Geddes ‘The Scene’
  • Geddes ‘The Scene’ (Dyed Soundorom remix)
  • Nima Gorji ‘Gamma’
  • Dan Drastic ‘El Pollo Loco’
  • Tom Demac ‘It Ends Lower’

[MURDIGI001] Angeln EP

MUR-? Lewie Day – That’s the thing

  • That’s The Thing
  • That’s The Thing (Lee Curtis mix)
  • 500 Shades

[MRMR01] Lewie Day – That’s the thing

STATE0016 VA- Slow Loris

  • Claire Ripley – Slow Loris (Solomun Remix)
  • Geddes & Mick Newman – Rework (Chopstick & Tilly Remix)
  • Tom Demac – Slip Slop Slap
  • Geddes & Mick Newman – Rework (Original)

[STATE01] VA – No Fit State Sampler

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