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Justin Martin – Get Low (Remixes) [DB046]

Justin Martin - Get Low (Remixes)

Justin MartinGet Low (Remixes) [DB046]

How best to define Justin Martin’s ‘Get Low’? At a push, I’d describe it as what happens when Lil John, Parliament, Richie Hawtin and Metroplex get together for an impromptu jamming session. Obviously, that conjures up a ridiculous image, yet conventionalism – as you’re doubtlessly already aware – has never maintained a high priority in Claude von Stroke’s Dirtybird camp.

Such a madcap track always warranted a reworking, and two are duly supplied here. Those expecting a similar kitchen sink approach to the remixes (akin to the original) are duly rewarded by J. Phlip’s version. Featuring a more intense bass kick, Phlip also rolls out the 808 with assurance, while her interpretation of the Martin’s original snaps, crackles and pops in all the right places. Outlandish, ludicrous, nonsensical and….absolutely brilliant. Throw all your boundaries and genre tags out the window – Dirtybird continue to defy them all.

S.E.C.T provide the second remix. The four-piece production outfit consists of Eli and Charlie (of Soul Clap notoriety) as well as their friends and regular collaborators Tanner Ross and Sergio Santos. Unlike J.Phlip’s reworking, they turn the original on its head entirely, creating a wholly different track in the process. Granted a light 1980’s Miami-Vice like tone, S.E.C.T’s remix nonetheless only sporadically manipulates the originals key component – its vocals. The occasional wobbly synth here and the subtle vocal there, it still fails to captivate the listener as originally hoped for.

Personally, I tend to find remix packages a bit hit and miss. Dirtybird’s latest is no exception.
Artist: Justin Martin
Title: Get Low (Remixes)
Label: Dirtybird – [DB046] Genre : Techno (Minimal)
Quality: 320kbps

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image cover: Justin Martin - Get Low (Remixes) [DB046]

01. Get Low (J. Phlip Remix)
02. Get Low (S.E.C.T. Remix)


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