Sean Ray, Rob Nutek – Simulation Sensation [GFRD017]

Sean Ray, Rob Nutek - Simulation Sensation

Artist …… : Sean Ray,Rob Nutek
Title ……. : Simulation Sensation
Genre ……. : Tech House
Label ……. : Gut Feel Records
Catnr ……. : GFRD017
Source …… : WEB
Quality ….. : 320kbps avg / 44.1KHz / Joint Stereo
Duration …. : 00:32:58 ….. : 28-04-2011

1. Sean Ray & Rob Nutek – Simulation Sensation (Small Town Zeros Remix) 3:35
2. Sean Ray & Rob Nutek – Simulation Sensation 6:37
3. Sean Ray & Rob Nutek – Simulation Sensation (Buddhasteelbuddha Sensed Remix) 6:34
4. Sean Ray & Rob Nutek – Simulation Sensation (Max Mason Remix) 8:27
5. Sean Ray & Rob Nutek – Simulation Sensation (Mark Kane Remix) 7:31


Sean Ray, Rob Nutek – Simulation Sensation [GFRD017] Release Notes :

Sean Ray and Rob Nutek team up to bring you a rock solid package with Simulation
Sensation. Both artists are well seasoned in the world of electronic dance
music, having entertained audiences around the globe through their popular
records on Looq, System Recordings, Baroque, Axis Trax, Rebeat, Babylon and
more, as well as their electric trans-world dj performances. Packed with remixes
for almost every flavor of electronic dance music, this release is something of
a first for us at Gut Feel Records. The original mix has a funky edge in it’s
bouncy bass-line and rolls on a twisted tribal groove. Friendly female
vocalizations keep things light hearted and fun in this floor friendly tech
house winner. The Buddhasteelbuddha Remix begins unsuspectingly but soon
evolves into a pumping, grinding peak. A few stabs and vocal stings from the
original mix are cleverly positioned around a fresh arrangement of synths and
bass-lines, creating a sharp whip to crack at a dance-floor. Mark Kane delivers
a hard hitting tribal storm in his remix. Solid progressive/tribal/tech house
music is the order of the day, which will no doubt cause many feet to stomp.
It’s rather reminiscent of the sounds of Saeed & Palash, Piliavin & Zimbardo,
Chus and Ceballos and the like. Max Mason is a familiar name amongst dance music
enthusiasts and he too has lent his ear to this already exciting release. His
remix packs a serious punch and takes a more serious approach. It ebbs and flows
with lush synths, bouncing groove and forever evolving atmosphere. Small Town
Zeros complete the set with their dirty, broken beat, dubstep remix. It winds,
grinds, drops and explodes with bass fueled madness, all centered around a solid
dubstep rhythm. Relentless, bouncy, groovy, fun…this package has it.

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