The Phantom – Piano Moods EP (PROMO) [YMF08]

The Phantom - Piano Moods EP

The Phantom, aka Warsaw based Bartosz Kruczynski, readies his new release for Marcin Czubala’s Your Mama’s Friend imprint with The ‘Piano Moods EP’, a five-track deeply rooted in piano house and late, late night groove.

Moving away from the more bassy textures that chacterised his earlier releases, this five track selection sees him establish a real air of effortless house music cool, especially on the title track which meanders at a wonderfully seductive pace with its distinctive break and it’s hazy vocal making it near perfect after-hours material.

The second track, ‘Vogue Dub’, goes a long way to justifying the EPs title with a piano hook strongly reminiscent of many a classic house offering. This instantly addictive backbone of the track is given an intensely modern twist with some on-trend deep chords and further piano lines that build and shape it into a much more multi-faceted and layered affair. The result is a track that lures you in a repetitive mood and leaves at the other end with a more all-encompassing offering.

The EP is brought to an even more classic house conclusion on final track ‘I Found Out’, which adheres even further to the piano house staple with its addictive, melancholic vocal and piano breakdown. This track is a great example of the old and the new beautifully married together, and the trick is repeated again on the insatiably deep and groove locked remix of the same track by Medlar. The final remix of ‘I Found Out’ is given a brilliant two-step twist by Chaos In The CBD on the EPs final offering.

On the ‘Piano Moods EP’ The Phantom showcases his ability to marry classic textures with a contemporary makeover that will appeal to house music aficionados from across the spectrum. The diversity of the EP will go someway to justifying the hype surrounding his debut full-length later this year.

Artist: The Phantom
Title: Piano Moods EP (PROMO)
Genre: Deep House
Label:: Your Mamas Friend YMF08
Bitrate: 320 kbps avg / 44.1KHz / Full Stereo
Digital Released: 2013
Size: 72.96 Mb

01. Piano Moods 5:36
02. Vogue (Dub Mix) 6:44
03. When I Found Out (Chaos In The CBD Remix) 6:28
04. When I Found Out (Medlar Remix) 5:31
05. When I Found Out 6:01

Total Playtime: 30:20 min


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