Ricardo Garduno – Human System

Ricardo Garduno - Human System

Artist Ricardo Garduno
Title Human System
Genre Techno
Label Brood Audio
Catalog# BA061
Released 2014
MP3 Download Source WEB
Play Time 69:14 min
Total Tracks. 12
Bitrate 320 kbps

1. Brain Washer (Original Mix) ( 5:54)
2. Fear Dose (Original Mix) ( 6:30)
3. Guilties (Original Mix) ( 3:33)
4. Hologram (Original Mix) ( 6:10)
5. JPS (Original Mix) ( 3:52)
6. Lie After Lie (Original Mix) ( 5:33)
7. Monsters (Original Mix) ( 5:40)
8. Patience (Original Mix) ( 6:00)
9. Puppets (Original Mix) ( 5:06)
10. R.A.T.S. (Original Mix) ( 6:51)
11. Reevolucion (Original Mix) ( 6:42)
12. Testify (Original Mix) ( 7:23)

Total Playtime: 69:14 min

If talent, dedication and hard work can be summed up, Ricardo Garduno is a perfect example. He has achieved so much with his reputable Illegal Alien Recordings imprint and earned the respect and love of Techno enthusiasts and colleagues all over the world. The time for him to push the envelope & challenge his artistic abilities with creating an album couldn’t have come at a better moment in his life. With thirteen portrayals of his style & depth of Techno production, he gives us a clear image of what he is made of and the music he is capable of delivering. Brood Audio is proud and honored to share this work of art to the world and is just another solid foundation Ricardo is setting for an already promising musical career. Enjoy, Brood Audio

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