HouseTechno (Peak Time / Driving)

Motions – All Gone EP


Artist Motions
Title All Gone EP
Genre Techno, House
Label Body High
Catalog# –
Released 2014
MP3 Download Source WEB
Play Time 29:23 min
Total Tracks. 4
Bitrate 320 kbps

1. All Gone ( 7:55)
2. Never Seen ( 6:59)
3. Orion ( 6:50)
4. Again Lost Soon Found ( 7:39)

Total Playtime: 29:23 min

With his All Gone EP, Motions has created a debut that perfectly highlights his unique take on house music. Lush, melodic, and heavy, the record stands out not only as a peak time club moment but also a headphone masterpiece; as rich and textured as it is banging.

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