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Hernán Cattáneo – Balance 026 [2xCD]


Balance 026
Hernan Cattaneo
LABEL: Balance | BAL012CD
GENRE: House, Techno, Tech House, Electronic
BITRATE: 320kbps / 44100kHz / Full Stereo
SIZE: 372.45 megs


Disc 1/2
1. Boards of Canada – Aquarius (Version 3) 4:31
2. Hernßn Cattßneo & Soundexile – Solitude (feat. Luciana) 6:10
3. Chaim – Blue Shadow (Slow Dance Mix) 3:39
4. Silinder – Pavement (Paul Hazendonk & Noraj Cue Slow Remix) 3:02
5. Mano le Tough – Changing Days 3:21
6. Hernßn Cattßneo & Soundexile – Rapideye 4:13
7. Derek Howell – Happy to Be Sad (Derek’s Happy Again Mix) 4:43
8. Mercurio – On My Way to Hell (feat. Catnapp) (Balance Mix) 5:38
9. The Field – No. No… (John Tejada Mix) 4:06
10. Moderat – Clouded (Interlude) 0:59
11. Weval – Out of the Game 3:38
12. Mike Griego – Sponges 5:23
13. Hernßn Cattßneo & Soundexile – Ginga 3:40
14. Spooky – Shelter (Slow Phase Mix) 1:49
15. YEWS – Believe, Belong 3:48
16. Hernßn Cattßneo & Soundexile – Lunar 4:16
17. Damabiah – Irminsul, le Pilier du Monde (2014 Edit) 5:11
18. Gui Boratto – Half Life 4:09
19. Guy J – Dizzy Moments (AM Mix) 4:53
Disc 2/2
1. Hernßn Cattßneo & Soundexile – Into the Edge 4:43
2. Roi Okev & Hakimonu – Changes 5:14
3. Chaim – Underwater 5:46
4. Ivory Street – Modjo (Andy Arias Interpretation) 4:49
5. Hernßn Cattßneo & Soundexile – Parallax 6:08
6. Hernßn Cattßneo & Soundexile – Fugazzi 4:33
7. Cid Inc. – Fragile Circle 4:40
8. Khen – Sweet Break Up 4:40
9. We Need Cracks – Joran 4:39
10. Guy J – Esperanza (Santi Mossman Rework) 2:19
11. James Teej – Disclosure (feat. Richie Hennessey) (Simon Vuarambon Remix) 6:42
12. Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z – Patterns (Guy Mantzur’s 2014 Remix) 8:01
13. Guy J – Lonely Color 4:30
14. Hernßn Cattßneo & Guy Mantzur – Imaginarium 6:27
15. Hernßn Cattßneo & Soundexile – Lotus 4:31

Total Playtime: 154:51min

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Disc 1 harks back to the golden age of downtempo music in the 1990s, evoking classic Cafe Del Mar andNorthern Exposure mixes with its sumptuous selection of languid soundscapes. It’s a style that has sadly slipped from the spotlight, coinciding with the death of the chill-out room and the diminished ‘Balearic’ focus of Ibiza in recent years – meaning that Cattaneo’s choice of direction feels all the more special as a result. Indeed, he reaches back to 1999 for the low-slung groove of Boards Of Canada’s opener, before moving into a slew of exclusives and reworked versions of some of his favourite tracks from recent DJ sets to suit the chuggier tempo.

“I started asking some producer friends to make special versions of some of their tracks for the albums, and I’ve been very pleased with the results. I really like the way those tracks interact with the others and in many cases, the new downtempo mixes are even better than the original ones.”

It makes for a highly refreshing approach. The mesmerising new versions give these ethereal dancefloor tracks stunning new context and life – like Chaim’s hypnotic Slow Dance Mix of Blue Shadow – while haunting vocal tracks like Weval’s Out Of The Game provide contrast to the glistening arps and top lines of Mano Le Tough and John Tejada, and a smattering of classics dear to Cattaneo’s heart, such as Gui Boratto’s Half Life. As the mix moves towards its conclusion, the energy and tempo nudge their way towards the clubbier climes of the second disc, culminating in a stunning rework of Guy J’s twinkling Dizzy Moments.

Both mixes are littered with exclusive new productions from Cattaneo and his production partners Soundexile, infusing the mix with an even higher level of his musical DNA and boldly demonstrating what a force he continues to be in the studio. The driving bass of their own Into The Edge propels Disc 2 into life before we plunge into the deeper climbs that he’s so renowned for. More exclusives abound from the duo and others alike, a gently euphoric warmth coming over the mix through their own Parallax and Fugazzi, continuing into driving reworks of Guy J and James Teej as we hit the sweet spot of the mix. New material from Guy Mantzur powers us through towards the finale, the subdued beauty of Cattaneo and Soundexile’s Lotusrounding the compilation off with finesse after a rousing crescendo.

Cattaneo has constructed a truly incredible chapter of the Balance Series, beautifully sequenced and mixed and packed full of stunning new material that can’t be heard anywhere else. Such attention to detail and quality should come as no surprise from one of the true masters of the game.

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