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V.A. – Couple Affair 01 [Steyoyoke] (PROMO) [VINYL ONLY]


Well known for their unique concepts and ideas, Steyoyoke continues to surge forward and launches yet another annual vinyl project. ‘Couple Affair‘ is both innovative and exciting, as it channels all the skills and talent already residing within the label. Two artists are paired together to collaborate on one track, allowing Steyoyoke to streamline their skills and co produce freely within the realms of the family. The outcome is four polished originals, all exclusively created for the Steyoyoke ‘Couple Affair’ vinyl series.
‘Couple Affair 01’ sees Nick Devon teamed up with BLANCAh, Dahu with MPathy and Soul Button works along side both, Nick Devon and BLANCAh, for a collaboration with each of them. 

Soul Button & BLANCAh kick things off with ‘Rising Silence‘, an unmistakably simple track that is beautifully balanced between dreamy synth lines, clean hitting drums and layers of snappy high hats. It’s hauntingly delicate with embellishments of intensity and emotional longing.

The ‘Shattered‘ collaboration shows Dahu staying true to his roots and reveals MPathy’s more sinister side. Infiltrated with a strong techno presence, this track also carries a subtle progression to it, which is built upon a tapestry of dark chord progressions and murky soundscapes.

The Soul Button & Nick Devon partnership gives birth to ‘Fading Light‘, a wholesome melodic track which is generously crafted with that ever present and distinguished Steyoyoke sound.  Alluringly, hypnotic and almost trance inducing, this track is all-consuming and confines you to place of refined aural pleasures.

The last duo of artists to team up are Nick Devon & BLANCAh with their creation ‘Harmstrings‘. Well defined by its vigorous energy, ‘Harmstrings’ is the type of track that induces a heightened sense of mystery and broodiness. The melody is both dark and ominous, with a backdrop of swirling synths and stabbing percussion. 

A1. Soul Button & BLANCAh – Rising Silence (Original Mix)
A2. Dahu & MPathy – Shattered (Original Mix)
B1. Soul Button & Nick Devon – Fading Light (Original Mix)
B2. Nick Devon & BLANCAh – Harmstring (Original Mix)

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