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VA-10 Years Part II [Vakant]


ARTISTS Alex Smoke, Cesare vs Disorder, Avatism, Anonym, DLS, Nico Purman, Clockwork, CW/A, Quantum Entanglement
RELEASE DATE 2015-03-02

1. Alex Smoke – Executive Realness 7:10
2. Avatism – Bones (Original Mix) 6:28
3. Cesare vs Disorder – Monasterio 7:21
4. CWA – LOOP19538 5:13
5. Anonym pres. DLS – Organ Donation 5:19
6. Nico Purman – Ferroxide 9:08
7. Quantum Entanglement – What Do You Know About Acid Ho 7:49

Total Playtime: 48:28 min

10 Years Part II

So here I am.. after having forced Vakant’s artists to write their own press releases a few years ago, since I think this has a more personal approach besides that everyone is tired of the usual press blurbs, I do not get around to draft something for this 10 Years Vakant compilation by myself.

10 Years is a long time and I will refrain to summarize this in a text. This is not a summary but rather a statement where the label stands today in early 2015. The music you hear went through a process of joy, pain, armwrestling, threats and relief and shows our idea of contemporary club music. 14 new and previously unreleased tracks of the 14 artists I (still) work with closely, some from the first year of Vakant’s existence and some who just joined recently.

Very happy to see this finally coming out, with music that still makes me shuffle in my kitchen after all these years. Thank you guys for all that inspiring and sometimes frightening stuff and thanks to you who at least read this until here if not spent some time with our music in your very own past.


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