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VA – John Digweed Live In South Beach [BEDSBCD]


John Digweed Live in South Beach
PHM, Agoria, Dauwd, The Drifter, Asadinho, Dixon, Locked Groove, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Christian Burkhardt, Eric Volta, Fur Coat, Visionquest, Marc Romboy, Jel Ford, Various Artists, Zulu, Olaf Stuut, Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons, Beacon, Lois, Of Norway, Omid 16B, Solaris Heights, Squire, Forrest, Digitaria, Cosmic Cowboys, Robert Babicz, Snilloc, Alex Arnout, Rampue, Love Over Entropy, John Belk, Montel, Jules & Moss, Super Flu, Dortmunder Philharmoniker, Philipp Armbruster, Kyle E, Davide Squillace, Plugger, Ruede Hagelstein, Guy Gerber, Puff Daddy, And. Id, Nax Acid, Giogio Gigil, Mateo Murphy, Pedro Aguiar, Luna Semara, Bog, Nicole Moudaber, Skin, Nick Warren, Guy Mantzur, Marek Hemmann, Laurent Garnier, Oscar Aguilera, Alberto Ruiz, Alan Fitzpatrick, Reinhard Voigt, Michael Mayer
LABEL: Bedrock Records | BEDSBCD
GENRE: Techno
BITRATE: 320kbps / 44100kHz / Full Stereo
SIZE: 1264.43 megs


1. John Digweed – Live in South Beach (Continuous Live Mix, Pt.1) 76:02
2. John Digweed – Live in South Beach (Continuous Live Mix, Pt.2) 67:20
3. John Digweed – Live in South Beach (Continuous Live Mix, Pt.3) 77:51

4. Zulu – Gardens of God 7:40
5. Olaf Stuut – Spirograph (PHM Remix) 7:48
6. The Ancient Moons – Vermillion (Agoria Remix) 6:46
7. Beacon – Fault Lines (Dauwd Remix) 6:59
8. Of Norway – It’s You (The Drifter Remix) 8:16
9. Omid 16B – Heart of Silence 4:00
10. Solaris Heights – Nightfall 5:56
11. Squire – Midnight Gardens 6:53
12. Squire – City Cemetery 6:43
13. Digitaria – Little Boy 6:23
14. Cosmic Cowboys – Capricon 8:08
15. Cosmic Cowboys – Tell Me How 7:13
16. Robert Babicz – Density Disrupted 8:49
17. Snilloc – Magratea 7:26
18. Alex Arnout – In My Soul (Asadinho Remix) 7:34
19. Rampue – Sephiroth 5:33
20. Love Over Entropy – Tonii (Dixon Retouch) 8:13
21. Love Over Entropy – Tonii 12:20
22. John Belk – Silver Surfer 8:56
23. Montel – I Can’t Remember 6:32
24. Jules & Moss – Head Juice (Locked Groove Remix) 7:19
25. Super Flu – Volkwein (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Remix) 8:39
26. Kyle E – Arp for Your Heart (Christian Burkhardt Remix) 8:08
27. Plugger – Waxoline (Night Edit) 8:24
28. Of Norway – It’s You (Eric Volta I’ll Always Remember Norway with You Mix) 10:26
29. Ruede Hagelstein – Soul Dynamic (Fur Coat Remix) 7:28
30. Puff Daddy – Tourist Trap (Visionquest Remix) 6:42
31. And. ID – Live Life 6:39
32. d & G – Death Perception 10:55
33. Mateo Murphy – Steam 8:41
34. Mateo Murphy – Apex (Dub Mix) 6:56
35. Pedro Aguiar – Snobiety (Darkroom Dubs) 6:01
36. Luna Semara – Arp Choir 8:23
37. BOg – Rakuten 3:04
38. Nicole Moudaber – Organic Love 3:09
39. Guy Mantzur – Sad Robot 7:37
40. Marek Hemmann – Alice 9:51
41. Laurent Garnier – Ba Beat Da Boxx (Marc Romboy Bon Soir at Warehouse ’94) 7:32
42. Oscar Aguilera – VCA 6:17
43. Alan Fitzpatrick – For an Endless Night (Jel Ford Remix) 7:28
44. Reinhard Voigt – Transparenza 6:28

Total Playtime: 525:28min

Live in South Beach Bedrock at the Treehouse is the seventh and latest addition to John Digweeds iconic Live in mixes series, following the critically acclaimed success of Live in Toronto in December 2014. With the release date set for June 22 2015, Live in South Beach Bedrock at the Treehouse is now available for pre-order, exclusively from the Bedrock Records official store.

Taken from live recordings of a mammoth 5 +hour set at the fabled Treehouse in Miami, the mix is aptly extended across 3 CDs and 41 tracks, enthralling the listener at every turn. With each section invoking a new tone, Digweed continues to showcase cutting edge underground electronic music at its very best, and validates his incomparable status as one of the worlds finest DJs.

Digweeds latest opus takes the listener on a sonic journey through a perfectly crafted soundscape, blending multiple genres with ease. Featuring productions from seasoned veterans such as Nicole Moudaber, Robert Babicz and Alan Fitzpatrick, intertwined with those of up-and-coming producers such as Locked Groove, Gardens of God and Luna Semara, Digweed continues to express his love for fresh and contemporary forward-thinking electronic music. This love is translated into a collection of tracks that demonstrate an unmitigated understanding of underground dance music, a selection that proves Digweed as significant a DJ as ever.

Starting with the dark brooding sounds of BOSOs Gardens of God, and PHMs percussion heavy remix of Olaf Stutts experimental Spirograph, CD1 then glides into an exposition of vocal-laden grooves. Progressing into CD2, an ethereal outset culminates in Locked Grooves spacious techno adaption of Jules ampersand Moss Head Juice, setting the driving tone for the remainder of the CD. The final CD sees Digweed effortlessly combining Drumcode techno with Bedrocks own brand, finishing with an underrated Kompakt classic that is sure to reach new ears.

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