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Minimal / Deep Tech

Joran Van Pol – Exist / Rejected / REJ050


ARTIST: Joran Van Pol
ALBUM: Exist
LABEL: Rejected | REJ050
GENRE: Minimal, Tech House
BITRATE: 320Kbps
SIZE: 49.00 MB


  1. Joran Van Pol – Eventuate (Original Mix) (06:49) 127bpm/Amin
  2. Joran Van Pol – Exist (Original Mix) (06:44) 126bpm/Amin
  3. Joran Van Pol – Withdraw (Original Mix) (07:44) 126bpm/Dmin

Total Playtime: 00:21:17 min

Having driven us down the Sonic Highway alongside Joris Voorn earlier this year, young Dutch sensation Joran van Pol is returning to Rejected with with his very own solo release – EXIST.

Having built a strong and rapid reputation from creating a miriad of minimal moments over recent months, Joran furthers these foundations with his new three track release. The groovy-heavy sci-fi sounds of the title track have already become a firm favourite for Voorn, featuring in his recent Fabric Mix, and now the spooky knocking of Exist is ready for all.

The sinister breaths and cavernous echoes of Eventuate follow. Its growling bassline somehow paling against the brightness of its trippy noises. Final cut Withdraw finds us once again in the immense spacial vault of van Pol as he seemingly bounces a balistic beat ball against a barricade. Dark, menacing and impressive.

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