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Nick Devon – Adrasteia EP [Steyoyoke] (PROMO)


Nick Devon‘s most recent EP, ‘Adrasteia‘, sends sounds of spatial seductiveness through speakers. This four track EP includes title track Adrasteia, Glacier, Devotion, and Sunflower.

Adrasteia‘ contains flirtatious melodies which twinkle brightly by contrast against the dark, deep chords. An entire solar system on it’s own, ‘Adrasteia’ is a new experience altogether. Inducing inspiration through this spacey track, Nick Devon pushes his ability to ingeniously craft beauty into sound.

Glacier‘, a track fitting it’s name, contains a subtle, siren-like sound accompanied by a tangle of percussions that create a sense of constant growth. Swelling ever bigger, larger, and more intense, this is a ‘Glacier’ you wouldn’t wish to avoid on your journey.

Moving further into this musical journey, ‘Devotion‘ plays on Nick Devon’s ability to hit hard while softly caressing the atmosphere set around this EP. ‘Devotion’ is a perfect harmonization of different styles of techno, making it without a doubt, one of the most unique productions on this EP.

Finally, ‘Sunflower‘ closes the EP through both an insanely emotional collection of sounds, as well as a sophisticated arrangement. ‘Sunflower’, perfectly matching it’s title, turns happily to the lighter, more captivating sounds, while remaining firm in it’s core and bass line.

One not to be ignored or forgotten, Nick Devon consistently conveys his mastery at sound design through multiple arrangements and styles, all the while keeping his own touches consistent.

Artist: Nick Devon
Title: Adrasteia EP
Label: Steyoyoke
Format: Digital
Release Date: September 12th, 2016
Cover Art: Algarin
Cat No: SYYK051

01. Nick Devon – Adrasteia (Original Mix)
02. Nick Devon – Glacier (Original Mix)
03. Nick Devon – Devotion (Original Mix)
04. Nick Devon – Sunflower (Original Mix)

SUPPORTED AND PLAYED BY : Dubfire, Sébastien Léger, Hernan Cattaneo, Matt Darey, Animal Trainer, Lane 8, Marcelo Vasami, Chris Fortier, BLANCAh, My Favorite Robot, Dale Middleton, many more…

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