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John Tejada – Dead Start Program / Kompakt

RELEASE: Dead Start Program
ARTIST: John Tejada
LABEL: Kompakt
GENRE: Lossless, Tech House
RELEASED: 2018-02-09


  1. John Tejada – All At Sea (Original Mix) (03:58) / C#min, 136bpm
  2. John Tejada – Autoseek (Original Mix) (04:00) / Amin, 63bpm
  3. John Tejada – Detector (Original Mix) (05:20) / Emaj, 126bpm
  4. John Tejada – Duty Cycle (Original Mix) (05:18) / Amaj, 125bpm
  5. John Tejada – Heal (Original Mix) (05:14) / Cmin, 126bpm
  6. John Tejada – Hypochondriac (Original Mix) (05:25) / A#maj, 113bpm
  7. John Tejada – Loss (Original Mix) (03:04) / Bmin, 140bpm
  8. John Tejada – Quipu (Original Mix) (04:41) / D#min, 126bpm
  9. John Tejada – Sleep Spindle (Original Mix) (04:25) / Dmin, 125bpm
  10. John Tejada – Telemetry (Original Mix) (03:58) / C#min, 115bpm
  11. John Tejada – The Looping Generation (Original Mix) (04:36) / Amaj, 126bpm

Total Playtime: 00:49:59 min

Veteran Los Angeleno producer John Tejada unveils his thirteenth Studio Album entitled Dead Start Program. He named it after a system that started an iconic 1960s supercomputer called the CDC 6600, which is used to represent a ‘metaphorical reboot from the challenges life throws at you’. Moreover, he’s said to have used a ‘limited studio setup’ to create the 11 tracks on offer. From the moody and disjointed hypnotic of opening track “Autoseek”, the old-school west coast breaks of “Sleep Spindle” to the brooding smack electro of “Loss” or the bouncy dancefloor euphoria of “The Looping Generation” – which is indeed classic Tejada all the way! The album comes courtesy of Cologne institution Kompakt: an imprint he’s had a strong rapport with since 2011. Tejada celebrated his own esteemed label’s two decades in the business on the retrospective Palette Recordings 20 (The Early Years) ?back in 2016. Although mainly a vessel for his own work, it has also birthed several collaborations with longtime colleagues Arian Leviste and Justin Maxwell.

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