Ame – Dream House / Innervisions

RELEASE: Dream House
ARTIST(S): Gudrun Gut, Jens Kuross, Matthew Herbert, Planningtorock, Ame, Roedelius


GENRE: Electronica / Downtempo
RELEASED: 2018-06-01
BITRATE: 320Kbps


  1. Ame, Matthew Herbert – The Line feat. Matthew Herbert (Original Mix) (05:20) / D♯min, 90bpm
  2. Ame – Queen Of Toys (Original Mix) (04:46) / Dmin, 121bpm
  3. Ame, Gudrun Gut – Gerne feat. Gudrun Gut (Original Mix) (04:37) / Cmaj, 128bpm
  4. Ame, Roedelius – Deadlocked feat. Roedelius (Original Mix) (06:26) / Dmin, 120bpm
  5. Ame, Planningtorock – Blind Eye feat. Planningtorock (Original Mix) (04:24) / Dmin, 120bpm
  6. Ame – Positivland (Original Mix) (06:05) / Gmaj, 123bpm
  7. Ame – Helliconia (Original Mix) (06:14) / Amin, 121bpm
  8. Ame – Futuro Antico (Original Mix) (06:23) / Cmaj, 118bpm
  9. Ame – No War (Original Mix) (05:37) / Dmin, 120bpm
  10. Ame, Jens Kuross – Give Me Your Ghost feat. Jens Kuross (Original Mix) (07:06) / D♯min, 135bpm
  11. Ame – Oldorado (Original Mix) (04:33) / Gmaj, 126bpm

Total Playtime: 01:01:31 min

The title of Ame’s debut album could sum up their entire output to date, and in many ways, Dream House is the ultimate statement from the German duo. However, it is not solely focused on the kind of lush, tranced out melodies that they made their name with on “Rej”, but it does features collaborations from Gudrun Gut, Roedelius and Planningtorock. It also moves from the hypnotic chants of “The Line” – a track penned with Herbert – into the hollowed-out break beats of “Deadlocked”, the Roedelius collaboration, and into more reduced grooves like “Queen of Toys”. On “Gerne”, Gut delivers a breathy, sensual vocal over a grinding rhythm, which is far removed from those breathy grooves that Ame first rose to prominence with. However, echoes of this hypnotic aesthetic is never too far away, audible on the droning, Dinosaur L-style guitars of “Positivland”.