Detroit Swindle – High Life / HEISTLP01

RELEASE: High Life
ARTIST(S): Tom Misch, Jungle By Night, Lorenz Rhode, Seven Davis Jr., Detroit Swindle


LABEL: Heist Recordings / HEISTLP01
GENRE: Deep House
RELEASED: 2018-05-28
BITRATE: 320Kbps


  1. Detroit Swindle – Cut U Loose (Original Mix) (08:04) / Amaj, 123bpm
  2. Detroit Swindle – Ex Machina (Original Mix) (05:17) / Fmin, 121bpm
  3. Detroit Swindle – Freeqy Polly (Original Mix) (07:09) / Dmaj, 124bpm
  4. Detroit Swindle – Ketama Gold (Original Mix) (04:01) / A♯maj, 114bpm
  5. Detroit Swindle – Lucky Number 13 (Original Mix) (03:09) / G♯maj, 129bpm
  6. Detroit Swindle – The Girl from Shiraz (Original Mix) (04:17) / D♯maj, 114bpm
  7. Detroit Swindle, Tom Misch – Yes, No, Maybe feat. Tom Misch (Original Mix) (05:33) / D♯maj, 110bpm
  8. Jungle By Night, Detroit Swindle – Call of the Wild feat. Jungle by Night (Original Mix) (08:53) / Cmin, 122bpm
  9. Lorenz Rhode, Detroit Swindle – High Life feat. Lorenz Rhode (Original Mix) (07:14) / Cmin, 121bpm
  10. Seven Davis Jr., Detroit Swindle – Flavourism feat. Seven Davis Jr. (Original Mix) (05:53) / A♯min, 120bpm

Total Playtime: 00:59:30 min

‘High Life’ explores stripped back soul and groove driven house over ten glistening productions. Featured on the album are a sun-drenched collaboration with British singer/songwriter Tom Misch and a deep workout with the vocals of trained gospel singer turned house aficionado Seven Davis Jr. Lorenz Rhode, who accompanies the duo for their live shows, features on the infectious melodies of ‘High life’. ‘Call of the wild’ incorporates none other than Dutch nine-piece brass band Jungle by Night, whose stunning improvisations were recorded in the Red Bull Studio in Amsterdam.