Woo York – Chasing The Dream / AL014

RELEASE: Chasing The Dream
ARTIST(S): Woo York


LABEL: Afterlife Records / AL014
GENRE: Melodic House & Techno
RELEASED: 2018-05-04
BITRATE: 320Kbps


  1. Woo York – Burning With You (Original Mix) (05:42) / Gmaj, 126bpm
  2. Woo York – Chasing The Dream (Instrumental Mix) (05:59) / A♯maj, 122bpm
  3. Woo York – Chasing The Dream (Original Mix) (05:59) / A♯maj, 122bpm
  4. Woo York – Energy Pulse (Original Mix) (06:16) / Cmin, 126bpm
  5. Woo York – Equilibrium (Original Mix) (06:06) / G♯min, 128bpm
  6. Woo York – Inception (Original Mix) (03:25) / Gmin, 168bpm
  7. Woo York – Kadastre (Original Mix) (06:43) / Amin, 125bpm
  8. Woo York – More Than a Feeling (Original Mix) (04:09) / Gmin, 126bpm
  9. Woo York – Rise (Original Mix) (05:12) / Cmaj, 101bpm
  10. Woo York – Second Breath (Original Mix) (06:07) / Gmin, 126bpm
  11. Woo York – There is a Light (Original Mix) (06:16) / Bmin, 125bpm
  12. Woo York – Through Peaks and Valleys (Original Mix) (05:39) / Dmin, 126bpm
  13. Woo York – Walk Along The Rainbow (Original Mix) (06:10) / Gmin, 125bpm

Total Playtime: 01:13:43 min

Ukrainian duo Woo York deliver a powerful, driving, dark-yet-sophisticated sound on their upcoming ‘Chasing The Dream’ LP, set to drop on May 4 as the first artist album on Afterlife.

Opening with the brooding and thought-provoking cosmic stabs of the aptly titled ‘Inception’, Woo York guide you through a fluid-like path across ‘Chasing the Dream’, offering fluttering synths on ‘Walk Along The Rainbow’ and a rattling percussive core to ‘There Is A Light.’ Their signature 303 magic hints at acid on ‘Through Peaks and Valleys’, and there is ice-cold ambience to finish in ‘Rise’ and an alternate mix of the title track. A landmark within the Realm Of Consciousness.