Loco Dice – Love Letters / DESOLATDLP009

RELEASE: Love Letters
ARTIST(S): Eddie Fowlkes, Serious Klein, Loco Dice, William Djoko


GENRE: Lossless, Minimal
RELEASED: 2018-07-02
AVAILABLE FORMAT: 320Kbps (+ Lossless)


  1. Loco Dice, Eddie Fowlkes – D Town Playaz (Original Mix) (01:12) / 7A, 123bpm Energy 5
  2. Loco Dice, Serious Klein – Selflove (Original Mix) (03:33) / 12A, 86bpm Energy 6
  3. Loco Dice, William Djoko – Out Of Reach (Original Mix) (05:45) / 4A, 124bpm Energy 7
  4. Loco Dice – Bob’s Kliptown Funk (Original Mix) (02:55) / 8A, 123bpm Energy 5
  5. Loco Dice – Code Feelings (Original Mix) (05:52) / 7A, 124bpm Energy 5
  6. Loco Dice – Heartache Situation (Original Mix) (06:50) / 11A, 122bpm Energy 7
  7. Loco Dice – It’s All Love Right Now (Original Mix) (01:34) / 2A, 120bpm Energy 3
  8. Loco Dice – Love Letters Mix (Continuous Mix) (01:08:11) / Amin, 124bpm Energy
  9. Loco Dice – Mad Luv (Original Mix) (05:51) / 4A, 124bpm Energy 5
  10. Loco Dice – Ohhwatadoo (Original Mix) (05:44) / 4A, 125bpm Energy 6
  11. Loco Dice – Ouled El Houma (Original Mix) (02:11) / 5A, 90bpm Energy 4
  12. Loco Dice – Right On Selecta (Original Mix) (05:43) / 4A, 124bpm Energy 6
  13. Loco Dice – Roots (Original Mix) (05:53) / 6A, 131bpm Energy 6
  14. Loco Dice – Under Your Skin (Original Mix) (05:30) / 11A, 120bpm Energy 6
  15. Loco Dice – We’re Alive (Original Mix) (05:22) / 8A, 125bpm Energy 6
  16. Loco Dice – You Want To Be Me (Original Mix) (05:01) / 4A, 124bpm Energy 5

Total Playtime: 02:17:07 min

Loco Dice has unveiled his darkly eclectic album ‘Love Letters’, a 15-track embodiment of his diverse production range. Featuring the latest single ‘We’re Alive’, the most highly anticipated record of his recent sets. Dice’s third studio album after ‘7 Dunham Place’ and ‘Underground Sound Suicide’ sees him reflecting on his musical influences and connections to Dusseldorf and beyond. The album is packed with the producer’s typically forceful tones, which blur the lines between house and techno. Utillising the bristling sounds and smooth drum beats, Dice’s „Love Letters’ album serves as an aural embodiment of the tones which make his sound so unique. Throughout ‘Love Letters’, Dice uses his own vocals more frequently than on previous albums, which makes the production both trippier and more personal, representing past and present. With a trio of collaborations on the album, Dice drafts in Serious Klein on „Selflove’, Willam Djoko on „Out Of Reach’ and Eddie Fowlkes on „D Town Playaz’. As someone who is deeply influenced by genres like soul & funk, Dice invited German-based artist Serious Klein – who’s work he has been following for the past while, to his Daddyscrib studio and a perfect blend was formed that was not only basted on their mutual African roots. When „Out Of Reach’ began to take shape, it was clear for Dice that only the Amsterdam’s finest – William Djoko, could provide the final shape he envisaged on the release. The third feature on the LP comes from Detroit godfather Eddie Fowlkes on the appropriately named „D Town Playaz’, which features both of the artists’ vocals and serves as a teaser for the things to come. Continuing to headline the biggest clubs and festivals around the world, Loco Dice has directed his endless passion and musical sensibilities to bare upon his Desolat label, with a stream of records released from some of the most exciting artists around and supported by DJs across the globe. Enjoy!