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Djrum – Portrait with Firewood / R&S Records

image cover: Djrum - Portrait with Firewood / R&S Records

RELEASE: Portrait with Firewood
ARTIST(S): Djrum


LABEL: R&S Records,
GENRE: Lossless, Electronica / Downtempo
RELEASED: 08/17/2018


  1. Djrum – Unblocked (Original Mix) (02:00) / 3A, 121bpm Energy 2
  2. Djrum – Waters Rising feat. Lola Empire (Original Mix) (06:20) / 5A, 108bpm Energy 5
  3. Djrum – Creature, Pt. 1 (Original Mix) (04:44) / 4A, 126bpm Energy 2
  4. Djrum – Creature, Pt. 2 feat. Zosia Jagodzinska (Original Mix) (05:39) / 4A, 127bpm Energy 7
  5. Djrum – Sex (Original Mix) (08:28) / 11A, 133bpm Energy 5
  6. Djrum – Blue Violet (Original Mix) (08:41) / 8A, 104bpm Energy 5
  7. Djrum – Sparrows (Original Mix) (04:41) / 4A, 65bpm Energy 3
  8. Djrum – Showreel, Pt. 3 (Original Mix) (09:35) / 4A, 114bpm Energy 5
  9. Djrum – Blood in My Mouth (Original Mix) (03:00) / 4A, 111bpm Energy 4

Total Playtime: 00:53:08 min

Over the years, Felix Manuel’s DJRUM project has been an important reference within the so-called ‘post-dubstep’ scene, which has conveniently been reimagined as ‘bass’ music. The artist was and still is a big part of the 2nd Drop catalogue, having released an LP and countless singles on the imprint, so it’s no surprise that Belgium’s mighty R&S have called upon his services. He comes through with his second album, Portrait With Firewood, and it’s a much more contemplative piece of work that spreads much further than mere dance tooling, often dissipating into contemplative ambient rhythms with a post-modernist spin. Tunes like “Waters Rising” provide mystique and wonder, while others like “Sex” call to the dancefloor or even some solid meditation, much like the placid waters of “Sparrows”. More than anything else, this is a true album from start to finish, constantly wondering into abstractions and then back again for some serious beat throw-downs. Excellent.

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