Philipp Stoya – Fuchur EP – Compost Black Label #143 /

RELEASE: Fuchur EP – Compost Black Label #143
ARTIST(S): Philipp Stoya


LABEL: Compost,
GENRE: Tech House
RELEASED: 2018-07-30
BITRATE: 320Kbps


  1. Philipp Stoya – Gruma (Original Mix) (07:21) / 8B, 123bpm Energy 6
  2. Philipp Stoya – Larue (Original Mix) (07:33) / 5A, 129bpm Energy 7
  3. Philipp Stoya – Neklar (Original Mix) (06:10) / 8A, 125bpm Energy 5

Total Playtime: 00:21:04 min

Raw techy magnificence. Philipp Stoya knows how to produce quirky wizzy tunes. He always creates secret DJ weapons. His last EPs on Compost Black Label was highly acclaimed, with significant enormous plays.
Not only getting an EP to the point, also keeping it balanced that you can not drawer, becomes a strength of Philipp Stoya’s music. Which genre is it? He often gets asked. He can not realy answer, even after careful consideration. The sound aesthetics use different stylistics and finally the fragments come together again in his colorful and warm sound carpet.
We know that, not only since his last release on Compost Black Label (Philipp Stoya – Azra EP), also by the remixes (for example for Marbert Rocel, A Forest) that he released in the last years. Quantity is not his strength, more quality with a hugh hall flag. So it is easy to understand that DJ colleagues like Alex Niggemann or Monkey Safari fall back on his tracks.
The new Fuchur EP comes in three pieces. Larue shows where the Modular has to hang the patchcable and links the sound of classic synths with festival stages and light illuminated clubs. It comes to the utmost, at the time where you don’t expect it. In the panorama accents with unexpected elements disappear and appear, in order to find themselves in a drawing overall picture.
Gruma exudes this light factor of nostalgia. Dropping the hands up and eyelids down. The bassline, in the symbosis with bass drum, form around the theme and let the Gruma heavy flowing, that you will press the repeat button after.
Neklar, catches the end and cracking up with a thick drum and tighten beats forward. Melodies fly past the ear while the bass gently draws you into trance. Flicker sets in just before the climax comes, moves into the train of thought and won’t disappear quickly.
Chapeau. Since last year there is Philipp Stoya LIVE.

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