VA – A-Sides Vol.7 / DC195

RELEASE: A-Sides Vol.7
ARTIST(S): Alan Fitzpatrick, SCB, ANNA, B.Traits, Bart Skils, Boxia, Charlotte de Witte, Christian Smith,John Selway, Dense & Pika, Jay Lumen, Jel Ford, Juliet Fox, Locomatica, Blaukoma, Luca Agnelli, Man With No Shadow, Pig&Dan, Ramiro Lopez, Reset Robot, Secret Cinema, Reinier Zonneveld, Thomas Schumacher, Victor Ruiz, Wehbba, Weska


LABEL: Drumcode, DC195
GENRE: Techno
RELEASED: 2018-09-10
BITRATE: 320Kbps


  1. Alan Fitzpatrick, SCB – Untitled (Original Mix) (07:22) / 07B, 125bpm
  2. ANNA – Portable Paradise (Original Mix) (06:10) / 05A, 127bpm
  3. B.Traits – I Feel the Music (Original Mix) (06:44) / 05A, 129bpm
  4. Bart Skils – West of the Moon (Original Mix) (07:07) / 07A, 126bpm
  5. Boxia – Final Call (Original Mix) (06:56) / 11B, 130bpm
  6. Charlotte de Witte – Remember (Original Mix) (06:42) / 06B, 130bpm
  7. Christian Smith,John Selway – Burning Chrome (Original Mix) (07:08) / 07B, 128bpm
  8. Dense & Pika – Lemur (Original Mix) (06:25) / 09A, 130bpm
  9. Jay Lumen – Stella Luce (Original Mix) (07:25) / 06A, 130bpm
  10. Jel Ford – Night Shade (Original Mix) (07:11) / 02A, 130bpm
  11. Juliet Fox – Wanted Me (Original Mix) (06:53) / 03A, 126bpm
  12. Locomatica, Blaukoma – Unfold (Original Mix) (06:34) / 05A, 128bpm
  13. Luca Agnelli – Shipment (Original Mix) (06:14) / 08B, 129bpm
  14. Man With No Shadow – Manila (Original Mix) (06:49) / 03A, 128bpm
  15. Pig&Dan – Pushing On (Original Mix) (07:32) / 02A, 127bpm
  16. Ramiro Lopez – Delta (Original Mix) (06:27) / 07B, 127bpm
  17. Reset Robot – Self Existence (Original Mix) (08:09) / 11A, 128bpm
  18. Secret Cinema, Reinier Zonneveld – Pain Thing (Original Mix) (06:39) / 09B, 125bpm
  19. Thomas Schumacher – The Unseen (Original Mix) (07:14) / 07A, 129bpm
  20. Victor Ruiz – Pulso (Original Mix) (09:50) / 08A, 128bpm
  21. Wehbba – Just (Original Mix) (05:24) / 06B, 128bpm
  22. Weska – Other Places (Original Mix) (06:28) / 08A, 128bpm

Total Playtime: 02:33:23 min

The seventh volume of Drumcode’s annual A-Sides compilation hits with no less than 10 debuts for the label, with Charlotte de Witte, ANNA, B.Traits and Scuba’s SCB project, among the collection of topline artists to release their maiden productions on the imprint.

Over two decades into its lifespan, Drumcode keeps evolving and excelling, pushing techno forward while remaining wholly respectful of its roots. This reputation for progression was further fueled this summer with its inaugural festival at the NDSM Docklands in Amsterdam, featuring a long list of heavyweights including Nicole Moudaber, Joseph Capriati, Amelie Lens and Ida Engberg, among others.

As ever, the A-Sides compilation provides a timely opportunity to showcase the full range of its sonic repertoire, with Adam Beyer scrupulously selecting 22 unreleased tracks that have taken prime position in his sets over recent months.

Outstanding all-round talent ANNA kicks off the compilation with ‘Portable Paradise’, a pulsating cut that sets the tone for the top-shelf club cuts to follow. Also entering the debut field with their first ever Drumcode dalliances are B.Traits and Charlotte de Witte. The esteemed Canadian selector offers up ‘I Feel The Music’, a euphonic track that’s been sought after since spring, and the Belgian ballista unlocks a thick-edged club bomb in ‘Remember.’

Leaders of Drumcode’s new brigade, exciting Brazilian Wehbba and British techno alchemist Boxia set out to impress. Wehbba’s straight-talking ‘Just’ hits with an immediate sense of urgency before neck-snap claps strike with force, and Boxia’s ‘Final Call’ elicits physical engagement with mellifluous vocals and soaring pads.

Continuously looking to bolster the profiles of emerging talent, Berlin-based producers Weska and Juliet Fox are brought into the fold with equally engaging razor-sharp tracks that are primed to do lasting damage.

Other notable highlights include an exhilarating workout from Reset Robot – the most released artist on Beyer’s imprint Truesoul – as he lands on Drumcode for the first time. And tastemaker’s favourite Jel Ford makes a welcome return as he ushers in techno rhythms with bustling breaks in ‘Nightshade.’

Elsewhere, support from label mainstays comes in from Bart Skils, who offers a work of consummate skill in ‘West Of The Moon.’ Alan Fitzpatrick, who’s been heavily featured across the A-Side series, joins forces with Scuba as he operates as his uncompromising alias SCB. The result is a propulsive floor-gripper that testifies to their masterful deftness as co-producers. Formidable duos Dense & Pika and Pig&Dan also contribute with powerful compositions.