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Lawrence – Illusion / IALLP041

image cover: Lawrence - Illusion / IALLP041

RELEASE: Illusion
ARTIST(S): Lawrence


LABEL: Dial Records , IALLP041
GENRE: Deep House
RELEASED: 2018-10-05
BITRATE: 320Kbps


  1. Lawrence – Crystal (02:32) /span>
  2. Lawrence – Treasure Box (07:31)
  3. Lawrence – Illusion (07:52)
  4. Lawrence – Yu Yu (07:07)
  5. Lawrence – Flaunting High (06:26)
  6. Lawrence – Transitions (04:28)
  7. Lawrence – Dark Swirl (05:43)
  8. Lawrence – Montreaux (06:40)
  9. Lawrence – Creepers (06:14)

Total Playtime: 00:54:33 min

Surprisingly, some five years have passed since Peter Kersten AKA Lawrence last appeared on Dial, a label he co-founded with Carsten Jost. His return to the imprint is, naturally, an impressive one, with “Illusion” – his eighth studio album – offering up nine absorbing, ultra-atmospheric deep house cuts wrapped in homemade field recordings and ear-catching acoustic instrumentation. There are naturally dancefloor moments dotted throughout the album – see the glistening, intergalactic shuffle of “Treasure Box”, the “recorded in an underwater cave” tech-house hypnotism of “Illusion” and deep Motor City flex of “Dark Swirl” – but it’s often the more circumspect, sofa-friendly outings that linger longest in the memory. Check, for example, the impeccable deep electro shuffle of “Transitions”, the horizontal pulse of “Flaunting High” and the sinewy ambient/IDM fusion of “Crystal”.

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