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Steve Bug, Cle – Tweaky Blinders / REJ076

image cover: Steve Bug, Cle - Tweaky Blinders / REJ076

RELEASE: Tweaky Blinders
ARTIST(S): Steve Bug, Cle


LABEL: Rejected, REJ076
GENRE: AIFF, Tech House
RELEASED: 2018-09-28


  1. Steve Bug, Cle – Tweaky Blinders (Original Mix) (07:40) / G#m, 124bpm
  2. Steve Bug, Cle – The Bark Side Of The Moog (Original Mix) (07:44) / Gm, 124bpm

Total Playtime: 00:15:24 min

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A year after ‘Together / That’s Right’, long-time friends and sonic sparring partners Steve Bug and Cle return to Rejected with two more statements of timeless intent that tap into the classic foundations of true techno story telling.

Long builds, emotional chords, layers and narrative twists are the devils in the detail as the pair present another couple of ageless hypnotic trips: The craftily titled ‘Tweaky Blinders’ takes the lead with its sombre one stroke chords whispering over the robust kicks and salubrious subs while the wily acid flurries between the spaces. Stately, immersive and coded with sentiment; drop it and watch the crowd march in unison.

The equally wryly titled ‘Bark Side Of The Moog’ follows suit. Once again there’s a solemn air to the chords as they sway with pensive poignancy. This time the drum arrangement is much more full frontal and unavoidable. Rolling with a sense of momentum that’s almost mid 90s prog in its energy, shine and behaviour, yet again Steve and Cle have nailed the timeless feel. Hopefully this will become an annual thing and they’ll return to Rejected for another round this time next year….

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