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VA – ARTS V – Five years of Arts / ARTSBOX001

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RELEASE: ARTS V – Five years of Arts
ARTIST(S): ASC, Boston 186, Cleric, Dead Fader, Dustin Zahn, Emmanuel, Farceb, Forward Strategy Group, I Hate Models, Introversion, Jeanne, Jeff Rushin, Judas, KAS:ST, Keith Carnal, Kitkatone, Shlomo, Subjected, Truncate, Unbalance


GENRE: Techno
RELEASED: 2019-01-21
BITRATE: 320Kbps


  1. ASC – Stasis (Original Mix) (05:24) / D♯min, 127bpm
  2. Boston 186 – Psy waves (Original Mix) (06:32) / D♯min, 125bpm
  3. Unbalance – Not Me (Original Mix) (05:39) / Gmin, 130bpm
  4. Cleric – Integrate (Original Mix) (06:11) / Amin, 130bpm
  5. Dustin Zahn – You and Me (Original Mix) (05:28) / Amin, 126bpm
  6. Emmanuel – Bride Of Quietness (Original Mix) (04:41) / C♯maj, 126bpm
  7. Farceb – Hydrain (Original Mix) (05:40) / Amin, 130bpm
  8. Forward Strategy Group – Lovejoy (Original Mix) (07:06) / Bmin, 130bpm
  9. I Hate Models – Izanami (Original Mix) (09:02) / Dmin, 140bpm
  10. Introversion – Utopic (Original Mix) (07:11) / F♯maj, 128bpm
  11. Jeff Rushin – I Just Don’t Care (Original Mix) (06:21) / Dmaj, 128bpm
  12. Jeanne – Through Me You Enter The Abdoe Of Woe (Original Mix) (04:53) / Amin, 140bpm
  13. KAS:ST – Behind The Door (Original Mix) (09:48) / A♯maj, 129bpm
  14. Judas – Unsaid IX (Original Mix) (05:31) / Bmaj, 130bpm
  15. Keith Carnal – Justified Means (Original Mix) (10:27) / Cmaj, 131bpm
  16. Kitkatone – Combover (Original Mix) (07:43) / G♯min, 125bpm
  17. Shlomo – XV3 (Original Mix) (07:17) / Emaj, 133bpm
  18. Subjected – Sequential Switch (Original Mix) (04:35) / Amaj, 132bpm
  19. Truncate – Swerve (Original Mix) (05:06) / Amin, 126bpm
  20. Dead Fader – Let Go (Original Mix) (04:13) / F♯maj, 65bpm

Total Playtime: 02:08:48 min

ARTSBOX001 – Five years in the Making, label boss Emmanuel aimed to deliver what for him was the very best selection of Artists and People he could ever imagine in one single roof. This is the mix with all the 20 tracks of The Luxury Box. Every track is exclusive to this mix. This Is for streaming purpose. Out now on Bandcamp:


_ 20 Artists, 5 Records, 1 Box.

Arts has now passed the landmark number of 100. But the reality is that we divided all the records into different categories, which makes the total number way bigger. Nevertheless, the label has become synonymous with Quality and Consistency with a wide range of timeless sounds from Techno, House, Dub Techno, Electro, championing some of the most respected names in the scene and pushing the youth and putting this same Youth at the very top of the Chain, the label Philosophy keeps rotating on a different level of Orbits trying to reach always the best result and never be influenced by anything in the Scene.

The Box is a meticulous work of One entire Year, every artist of the 20 selected delivered something that connects deeply with the label and the reason why they are part of it.
The study goes beyond when Artists get different colors of palettes and a different surface to paint, their known soundscapes comes with something freer than the usual approach that they did in their singles. This is a pinnacle for a label that always placed Music in front of everything but kept the design and the aesthetics on a top level each release, each Year. ARTS V is here.

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