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DMX Krew – Glad To Be Sad / HYPELP012D

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RELEASE: Glad To Be Sad


LABEL: Hypercolour, HYPELP012D
GENRE: Techno
RELEASED: 2019-03-01
BITRATE: 320Kbps


  1. DMX Krew – Shell Game (Original Mix) (02:04) / Cmin, ╳bpm
  2. DMX Krew – Spare Parts (Original Mix) (04:10) / Bmin, 124bpm
  3. DMX Krew – Gate Output (Original Mix) (05:13) / F♯min, 117bpm
  4. DMX Krew – Mystic Revelation (Original Mix) (03:48) / Amin, 124bpm
  5. DMX Krew – Dark Moon (Original Mix) (05:38) / Dmin, 115bpm
  6. DMX Krew – Home Made Drum Machine (Part 2) (Original Mix) (03:55) / A♯maj, 120bpm
  7. DMX Krew – Metal Mod Beat (Original Mix) (02:50) / Gmin, 135bpm
  8. DMX Krew – MR10stery (Original Mix) (04:04) / A♯min, 132bpm
  9. DMX Krew – Jagged (Original Mix) (06:10) / Bmin, 121bpm
  10. DMX Krew – NP-Hard (Original Mix) (04:27) / Bmin, 131bpm
  11. DMX Krew – Non Entity (Original Mix) (04:33) / A♯min, 120bpm
  12. DMX Krew – Winter Dance (Original Mix) (03:58) / Dmin, 99bpm

Total Playtime: 00:50:50 min

A long player of new music from DMX Krew is always a welcome sight and sound, and Hypercolour continue to strengthen their association with the seasoned British producer, with his third album for the label, ‘Glad To Be Sad’.

A consistent player in the field of electronic music, DMX Krew has been releasing more goodies on labels like Super Rhythm Trax, Libertine, and his very own Breakin’ Records since 2017’s last Hypercolour album, ‘Strange Directions’.

Those familiar with the catalogue of DMX Krew (all 22 albums and countless singles and remixes) can expect the usual collection of first class electronic funk and modular melodies, but for the uninitiated, ‘Glad To Be Sad’ covers a wide and colourful palette of rhythm and sound, abundant on the bass and with a heavy dose of futurism in its waves of glorious synth-work and deadly drum machine rhythms.

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