[KRTM] – Dream On Baby EP / ARTS038

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RELEASE: Dream On Baby EP


LABEL: Arts, ARTS038
GENRE: Techno
RELEASED: 2019-02-11
BITRATE: 320Kbps


  1. [KRTM] – Dream On, Baby (Original Mix) (05:40) / G♯min, 132bpm
  2. [KRTM] – Soleil (Original Mix) (05:48) / A♯min, 138bpm
  3. [KRTM] – Children Play Fun Games (Original Mix) (06:12) / D♯min, 129bpm
  4. [KRTM] – Happy Murder (Original Mix) (05:18) / Amin, 127bpm

Total Playtime: 00:22:58 min

Study the past if you would define the future. The label keeps going beyond thinkable boundaries with another release that will define an Era, at least for us.. most likely there are records that will sign a defining moment because of the music itself, some for the emotions that a record will evoke when is played, this is a record that collects all of those emotions in one place. We are glad to present you [KRTM] , an artist that is well respected and known in his world and surely he doesn’t need any introduction, but this is his first time with us, and we are more than proud to show you our love for his music and his devotion.

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