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VA – Velvet Desert Music, Vol. 1 / KOMPAKTCD152D

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RELEASE: Velvet Desert Music, Vol. 1
ARTIST(S): Burger/Ink, Cologne Tape, Fantastic Twins, Jorg Burger, Kenneth James Gibson, Metope, Paul Mac, Paulor, Rebolledo, Sascha Funke, Cosmo Vitelli, Terrapin, The Modernist, The Novotones, The Velvet Orchestra, Xu Xu Fang

REMIXERS: Jorg Burger, Superpitcher, The Black Frame, The Modernist

GENRE: LOSSLESS, Indie Dance / Nu Disco
RELEASED: 2019-03-29


  1. Terrapin – Cirrus Minor (The Black Frame Extract) (03:32) / Emin, 102bpm
  2. The Modernist – Magic Lantern (Velvet Edit) (05:23) / Bmin, 110bpm
  3. Burger/Ink – Memphisto (Original Mix) (05:14) / Amaj, 110bpm
  4. The Novotones – The Gain Of Loss (Original Mix) (04:38) / Amaj, 120bpm
  5. Cologne Tape – Welt 10 (Jorg Burger Mix) (05:56) / Emin, 120bpm
  6. Paulor – Arrival (Original Mix) (05:01) / G♯min, 118bpm
  7. Fantastic Twins – Pilgrims (Original Mix) (06:29) / Emin, 110bpm
  8. Jorg Burger – Beatmesse Pt.2 (Original Mix) (03:59) / D♯min, 120bpm
  9. Rebolledo, The Novotones – Mountain Eagle (The Black Frame Desert Mix) (06:34) / Amin, 114bpm
  10. Metope – Faithful Hessian Walks Into Ada’s Bar (Jorg Burger Remix) (04:04) / Amin, 120bpm
  11. Paul Mac – Redfern Address (In Memory Of Vision) (Original Mix) (06:05) / Fmin, 88bpm
  12. Sascha Funke, Cosmo Vitelli – Botzaris (Original Mix) (05:19) / Amaj, 100bpm
  13. Kenneth James Gibson – Far From Home (Superpitcher Mix) (07:45) / Cmin, 100bpm
  14. Xu Xu Fang – Noir State Beach (The Modernist Mix) (05:39) / Emaj, 118bpm
  15. The Velvet Orchestra – Encore (Original Mix) (04:24) / Bmin, 108bpm

Total Playtime: 01:20:02 min

Velvet Desert Music Vol.1 introduces a new compilation series on Kompakt, curated by one of Cologne’s leading figures in electronic music, Jörg Burger (aka The Modernist, The Bionaut, Burger/Ink and many more). Velvet Desert Music Vol.1 combines elements of rock, folk, country, surf, krautrock and psychedelic in contemporary electronic music.

Velvet Desert Music vol.1 features unreleased music and mixes from Matias Aguayo, Fantastic Twins, Paulor, Rebolledo, Sascha Funke & Cosmo Vitelli, Superpitcher, The Modernist and more.

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