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VA – Spektrum 1 / TAU005

RELEASE: Spektrum 1
ARTIST(S): Adana Twins, Daniel Bortz, Ede, John Falke, Innellea, Luis Junior, Nenor, Eyal Rob, Sobek, Mulya, Speaking In Tongues, Santiago Garcia


GENRE: Indie Dance / Nu Disco
RELEASED: 2019-04-12
BITRATE: 320Kbps


  1. Adana Twins – Jumanji (Original Mix) (08:00) / Cmaj, 117bpm
  2. Innellea – The Things We’ve Accomplished Together (Original Mix) (05:49) / F♯min, 118bpm
  3. Ede, John Falke – Chaussee (Original Mix) (05:41) / Bmin, 124bpm
  4. Speaking In Tongues, Santiago Garcia – Lost In A Jungle (Original Mix) (07:28) / Amaj, 122bpm
  5. Sobek, Mulya – Upfront Venture (Original Mix) (06:31) / C♯maj, 119bpm
  6. Nenor, Eyal Rob – Odehya Nbiya (Original Mix) (07:45) / Bmaj, 120bpm
  7. Luis Junior – Tuning Instruments (Original Mix) (07:11) / Cmin, 122bpm
  8. Daniel Bortz – Down To The Moon (Original Mix) (07:18) / G♯min, 123bpm

Total Playtime: 00:55:43 min

Marking a milestone for their fledgling label, Adana Twins present the very first Various Artists compilation to be released on TAU. ‘Spektrum’ comprises eight fresh cuts from a diverse lineup of artists representing the Twins’ community of friends and musical acquaintances. In keeping with TAU’s ethos there are lesser-known talents side by side with more established exponents of the underground.

The VA kicks off with the Adana Twins themselves, delivering the melodrama on a cut named ‘Jumanji’. The rhythm is simple yet deadly, with a juddering low end and spinetingling synth lines. The tension builds gently, until we reach a crescendo towards the end of the track. Innellea is next with ‘The Things We’ve Accomplished Together’, a dark cut underpinned by a dour atmosphere. The main riff feels familiar as it increases the pressure, rousing you into a state of ecstatic energy. Ede & John Falke take us into dark wave territory with their moody cut, which feels as though it’s come straight from eighties synth heaven. Next we take a trip into the humid canopies of the jungle with Santiago Garcia & Speaking In Tongues. ‘Lost In A Jungle’ features a myriad of exotic sounds, tribal rhythms and percussion straight out of the Amazon. Enchanting mysti- cism and wild allure make this one a very special cut indeed.

Track 5 is Mulya & Sobek’s ‘Upfront Venture’, a simmering journey into the depths. A modulated low end grumbles and snarls, increasing the tension alongside a dainty riff. Steadily building into a breakdown that will send shivers down your spine. This is followed by more tribal-inspired music, this time from Nenor & Eyal Rob who use indigenous vocal clips and organic-sounding drums to create a mesmerising composition on ‘Odehya Nbiya’. Luis Junior plays with our minds on ‘Tuning Instruments’, a playful motif forms the main body of this cut, which is twisted and warped during an epic breakdown, before we’re treated to a soothing bassline. Last up, German don Daniel Bortz takes us ‘Down To The Moon’ with an exquisite roller full of dreamy atmospherics and laid back vibes. A fitting finale to an excellent collection of music.

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