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Gerry Read – It’ll All Be Over (+DJ Koze Remix) / PAMPA033

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RELEASE: It’ll All Be Over
ARTIST(S): Gerry Read


LABEL: Pampa Records / PAMPA033
RELEASED: 2019-05-10


  1. Gerry Read – It Ll All Be Over (Original Mix) (03:55) / Bmin, 125bpm
  2. Gerry Read – Satyricon (Original Mix) (04:58) / G♯maj, 126bpm
  3. Gerry Read – It Ll All Be Over (DJ Koze Remix) (05:01) / Dmin, 123bpm

Total Playtime: 00:13:54 min

A heaven-made match is now complete with Gerry Read’s debut EP for Pampa Records. The British producer’s distinctively twisted, lo-fi sound, combined with Pampa’s deep-vein instinct for quality quirks, ushers in a new phase for two of house music’s most celebrated names.

The opening bars of “It’ll All Be Over” are immediately evocative, hinting at the patchwork style to come. Twangy banjo strings and a foot-stomp beat seem to herald a folksy arrangement, but that isn’t to be. Soft floaty pads rise up to form an unlikely partnership, softening sharp edges and adding sophisticated melodic expression. Once a compressed vocal sample is introduced, the entire structure reveals itself and begins to spin and loop in the style of iconic French house productions. Propelled further along by the endearing drama of flooded bass drum kicks, falsetto voices and xylophone pings, “It’ll All Be Over” is immediately memorable and expertly architectured.

Read’s second cut, “Satyricon,” is woven in the spirit of micro-house. Sharp waveform cuts, timely pauses, loops of noodling keys and hints of percussion shakers combine for a low-slung psychedelic effect. With the sunniness of a vintage folk-pop sample and sultry snatches of Spanish dialogue added atop a deep mid-tempo shuffle, Read secures his place alongside the Bradocks and Leclairs who came before him.

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