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Tv Victor – Moondance / TRESOR310

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RELEASE: Moondance
ARTIST(S): Tv Victor


LABEL: Tresor Records, TRESOR310
GENRE: Techno
RELEASED: 2019-05-24


  1. Tv Victor – Rendez-vous in Space (Original Mix) (07:36) / Dmin, 120bpm
  2. Tv Victor – Tomorrow (Original Mix) (05:53) / Dmin, 128bpm
  3. Tv Victor – Moon Dance: The Original (Original Mix) (05:06) / Amin, 122bpm
  4. Tv Victor – They Are Coming (Original Mix) (07:05) / Fmaj, 127bpm
  5. Tv Victor – Strange World (Original Mix) (05:58) / Gmin, 121bpm
  6. Tv Victor – Moon Dance II: The Dance (Original Mix) (06:58) / Bmin, 131bpm
  7. Tv Victor – Lunatic Creature (Original Mix) (06:45) / Dmin, 120bpm
  8. Tv Victor – Room to Move (Original Mix) (05:53) / Emin, 120bpm
  9. Tv Victor – Lost (Original Mix) (07:26) / Amaj, 120bpm

Total Playtime: 00:58:40 min

Thirty years after its original release, Tresor puts out a re-mastered version of Moondance. The work of German producer Udo Heitfeld, it draws on mysticism and the human sub-conscious as much as it does on various electronic music sources and references to create a mesmerising work. Tracks like “Strange World” sound like a lounge take on Yello, while on “Rendezvous In Space” and “Mood Dance: The Original”, TV Victor moves into the dubbed out space that the Orb inhabited around the early 90s. Meanwhile “They Are Coming” is a brilliantly moody, slowed down techno workout and “Lunatic Creature” is melancholic downtempo affair that pre-dates Mo’Wax. Nearly three decades later, Moondance remains a stellar, atmospheric affair.

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