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A Sagittariun – Return To Telepathic Heights / Running Back / RBINC004D

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RELEASE: Return To Telepathic Heights
ARTIST(S): A Sagittariun


LABEL: Running Back / RBINC004D
GENRE: Lossless, Electronica / Downtempo
RELEASED: 2019-06-07


  1. A Sagittariun – Once Upon A Time (Original Mix) (05:19) / Emaj, 95bpm
  2. A Sagittariun – Watch The Skies! (Original Mix) (02:59) / Emin, 132bpm
  3. A Sagittariun – Last Of The Crazy Baldheads (Original Mix) (05:01) / Amin, 104bpm
  4. A Sagittariun – Zeus I Prepare For Launch (Original Mix) (05:25) / Amin, 147bpm
  5. A Sagittariun – Life Is The Illusion, Love Is The Dream (Original Mix) (04:58) / Bmin, 133bpm
  6. A Sagittariun – Lazer Battle At The OK Corral (Original Mix) (03:32) / Bmin, 111bpm
  7. A Sagittariun – Version Excursion (Original Mix) (07:53) / Amin, 168bpm
  8. A Sagittariun – Dream Stealers (Original Mix) (05:22) / Fmaj, 88bpm
  9. A Sagittariun – The Mild Mild West (Original Mix) (03:34) / Gmaj, 124bpm
  10. A Sagittariun – The Final Scene (Fades To Black) (07:39) / Dmaj, 100bpm

Total Playtime: 00:51:42 min


Issued on Running Back’s Incantations offshoot, A Sagittariun’s latest album is a diverse affair. While it features the kind of tripped out techno that this producer has become synonymous with over the years – check “Watch The Skies!” and “Life Is The Illusion, Love Is The Dream” – it also boasts off-centre tracks such as scuffled industrial funk of “Once Upon A Time” and “Last Of The Crazy Baldheads”. Heights is also notable in that it features tripped out jams like the cosmic-disco of “Lazer Battle At The OK Coral” and “Dream Stealers” as well as the broken beats of “Version Excursion”. It shows that A Sagittariun is a more rounded artists that some of his club releases may have suggested.

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