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Boxia – A Night in the Life Of / DC206

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RELEASE: A Night in the Life Of
ARTIST(S): Boxia, Lyke


LABEL: Drumcode / DC206
GENRE: Lossless, Melodic House & Techno
RELEASED: 2019-06-03


  1. Boxia, Lyke – A Night in the Life Of feat. Lyke (Original Mix) (08:42) / Amin, 128bpm
  2. Boxia – Primal People (Original Mix) (06:58) / G♯min, 129bpm
  3. Boxia – Unofficial Everything (Original Mix) (06:54) / Amin, 128bpm
  4. Boxia – Where Are Your Friends (Original Mix) (06:21) / F♯maj, 128bpm
  5. Boxia – Alchemy Girl (Original Mix) (06:28) / Emaj, 130bpm
  6. Boxia – Under the Bridge (Original Mix) (07:15) / Amaj, 129bpm
  7. Boxia – Give Love Always (Original Mix) (04:47) / A♯maj, 129bpm
  8. Boxia – Complex Club (Original Mix) (06:36) / D♯min, 128bpm
  9. Boxia – Out of Focus (Original Mix) (07:10) / Gmin, 128bpm
  10. Boxia – Ephenomenon (Original Mix) (06:36) / A♯min, 129bpm
  11. Boxia – Nights Become Days (Original Mix) (06:21) / A♯min, 128bpm
  12. Boxia – Sunshine State (Original Mix) (06:54) / Amin, 127bpm
  13. Boxia – Inside and Out (Original Mix) (07:29) / Amaj, 126bpm
  14. Boxia – Last Nightclub (Original Mix) (06:18) / Cmin, 130bpm

Total Playtime: 01:34:49 min


Boxia drops his debut album ‘A Night In The Life Of’ on Drumcode. A musical portrait inspired by friends. Each track represents a personal memory. Since breaking through in 2015, Boxia’s music has quickly progressed him into the upper echelons of underground dance music stardom. Quiet and unassuming by nature, his sound is drenched in transcendental atmosphere and evocative soundscapes; making it a perfect meeting place for the warehouse energy of Techno and the intelligent thoughtfulness of Progressive House. For all of us, clubbing and nightlife are a myriad of sights, sounds and experiences. With the concept of this album, Boxia has sketched some of the characters he’s met along the way. “I wanted this album to be as much about the people that I’ve met, as it is about me. People I talk to every day; people I only encountered once, and my life long companions.” He Says.

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