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VA – DJ-Kicks (Peggy Gou) / K7382D

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ARTIST(S): Aphex Twin, Black Merlin, Deniro, DMX Krew, Dorisburg, Hiver, I:Cube, JRMS, Kode9, Kyle Hall, Pearson Sound, Pegasus, Peggy Gou, Psyche/BFC, R-Tyme, Shade of Rhythm, Sly And Lovechild, Spacetime Continuum, The System

REMIXERS: Andrew Weatherall, Mayday

LABEL: K7 Records, K7382D
GENRE: Electronica / Downtempo
RELEASED: 2019-06-28
BITRATE: 320Kbps


  1. Spacetime Continuum – Fluresence (Original Mix) / Amin, 169bpm
  2. Peggy Gou – Hungboo (DJ-Kicks) / Cmin, 95bpm
  3. Pearson Sound – Earwig (Original Mix) / A♯maj, 128bpm
  4. Pegasus – Perseguido Por El Rayo (Original Mix) / Cmin, 102bpm
  5. Sly And Lovechild – The World According to Sly & Lovechild (Andrew Weatherall Soul of Europe Mix) / Emin, 121bpm
  6. Dorisburg – Rytm804 (Original Mix) / Amin, 124bpm
  7. Hiver – Pert (Original Mix) / Amin, 128bpm
  8. Kyle Hall – Flemmenup (Original Mix) / Amaj, 168bpm
  9. DMX Krew – EPR Phenomena (Original Mix) / Cmin, 122bpm
  10. JRMS – 3 (Original Mix) / Bmin, 127bpm
  11. Shade of Rhythm – Exorcist (Original Mix) / Amaj, 118bpm
  12. Kode9 – Magnetic City (Original Mix) / Gmin, 140bpm
  13. The System – Vampirella (Original Mix) / Amin, 131bpm
  14. Black Merlin – Kundu (Original Mix) / Dmin, 152bpm
  15. Aphex Twin – Vordhosbn (Original Mix) / F♯min, 85bpm
  16. R-Tyme – Illusion (Mayday Remix) / Amin, 131bpm
  17. Psyche/BFC – Crackdown (Original Mix) / Fmaj, 137bpm
  18. Deniro – Epirus (Original Mix) / D♯min, 127bpm
  19. I:Cube – Cassette Jam 1993 (Original Mix) / Amaj, 123bpm
  20. Peggy GouDJ-Kicks (Continuous Mix) / Amin, 127bpm

Total Playtime: 02:57:41 min

On the latest instalment of the long-running DJ-Kicks series, Peggy Gou paints a vivid picture. It starts with the widescreen ambience of Space Time Continuum’s 1993 debut, “Fluresence”, before moving into her own, cosmic “Hungboo” and the niggling acid of Pearson Sound’s “Earwig”, a contemporary cousin to Plastikman’s Musik. There are other endearing oddities here, such as Andrew Weatherall’s seductive house version of Sly & Lovechild’s “The World According To…” and the raw drums of Kyle Hall’s “Flemmenup”. Gou has also included a Detroit techno classic, Psyche’s “Crackdown”, but balances this out with new, unreleased tracks from I:Cube – “Cassette Jam 1993” sees the maverick French producer deliver a frazzled, hazy affair – and Hiver’s pulsating, acid-flecked “Pert”.

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