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Giorgia Angiuli – In A Pink Bubble Remixed / SVT254

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RELEASE: In A Pink Bubble Remixed
ARTIST(S): Giorgia Angiuli

REMIXERS: GusGus, Henry Saiz, Octave One, Oliver Koletzki, Sobek

LABEL: Stil Vor Talent / SVT254
GENRE: Lossless, Melodic House & Techno
RELEASED: 2019-07-26


  1. Giorgia Angiuli – A Perfect Day In Tulum (Sobek Remix) (07:38) / Amaj, 120bpm
  2. Giorgia Angiuli – Inspiration (Henry Saiz Remix) (06:45) / Gmin, 122bpm
  3. Giorgia Angiuli – Copenhagen (GusGus Remix) (06:29) / Gmaj, 122bpm
  4. Giorgia Angiuli – A Perfect Day In Tulum (Octave One Remix) (05:00) / Amin, 120bpm
  5. Giorgia Angiuli – Nothing To Lose (Oliver Koletzki Remix) (06:51) / Bmaj, 123bpm

Total Playtime: 00:32:43 min

As her continued releases of atmospheric, emotive and distinctively electronic sounds edge their way ever deeper into the technosphere, what’s certain is that we’re still hooked on her sound.

In this remix EP, dedicated to pushing the ‘Angiuli effect’ to new places, various Stil Vor Talent artists have reimagined the following tracks from her debut album ‘In A Pink Bubble’.

Koletzki’s driving interpretation of ‘Nothing to Lose’ gives us a dose of sound that takes us forward, up and over. This ambitious story is told with hypnotic riffs and melodic licks which let us know that nighttime has finally arrived.

Sobek’s take on ‘A Perfect Day in Tulum’ is laced with pulsating atmospheres, perfectly placed vocals and synth lines which pull the lazy out from the corners. Rolling us up into a dreamscape throwback of days gone by, we are transported to a deep and roving electronic state of mind.

GusGus brings deep, rumbling, and shadowy frequencies to a new level for his take on ‘Copenhagen’. Pulling us into the future, while taking us into the mists of the night, this is serious electronica for discerning ravers.

Travelling you into another dimension, with a nod to electro of the past, Henry Saiz retains the essence of Giorgia’s ‘Inspiration,’ offering it back to the dancefloor with an often broken, but always dynamic retro vibe.

The Remix EP of “In A Pink Bubble” pays well-deserved homage to Angiuli’s debut album, and adds a distinctive Stil Vor Talent flavour. A must-listen for any creature of the night with penchant for Giorgia’s distinctive sound.

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