Markus Homm – Voyage / BOND12050

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ARTIST(S): Markus Homm

REMIXERS: Pornbugs

LABEL: Bondage Music, BOND12050
GENRE: Minimal / Deep Tech
RELEASED: 2019-07-15
BITRATE: 320Kbps


  1. Markus Homm – Voyage (Original Mix) (07:11) / Amaj, 125bpm
  2. Markus Homm – Lost (Original Mix) (07:14) / D♯min, 124bpm
  3. Markus Homm – Lost (Pornbugs Remix) (07:04) / D♯min, 124bpm

Total Playtime: 00:21:29 min

Bondage Music welcome back Markus Homm to mark label’s 50th vinyl release, accompanied by a remix from Pornbugs.
Founded in 2008, German imprint Bondage Music has grown over the past decade to become a central hub for quality productions across the house sphere, releasing recent material from the likes of NTFO, Mihai Popoviciu, James Dexter and Philipp Gonzales to name just a few. Having released four solo EP’s on the label so far in 2019 alone, here we see a special release in the label’s history as they mark the 50th vinyl release on the imprint in style, welcoming back Markus Homm to deliver a special two colour 12” release set to drop in late June.
Opening the package, lead cut ‘Voyage’ sees Homm combine slick, rolling drums amongst a snaking bassline and echoed vocal hooks, whilst rich, deep synths meet refined percussion arrangements and blissful melodies throughout ‘Lost’. ‘The Toll’ wanders forth next, with the first of two vinyl only cuts welcoming dubby chords, metallic drums and hazy atmospherics, before digging even deeper with the stripped back and hypnotic ‘Weissewand’
Lastly, label bosses Pornbugs turn in an exclusive interpretation of ‘Lost’ for those grabbing the digital package, opting for sun-soaked lead melodies and infectious vocal snippets to close out the 50th 12” EP on the label in style.

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