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VA – My Favourite PETS vol. 6 / PETSDIG009

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RELEASE: My Favourite PETS vol. 6
ARTIST(S): Adam Port, Jennifer Touch, Beesmunt Soundsystem, Black Loops, Catz ‘n Dogz, ZENSOFLY, Maxville, Jacek Sienkiewicz, Jay Shepheard, Jonathan Kaspar, Joseph Ashworth, Justin Jay, Kamp!, Lookleft, Bearright, Matthew Dear, Eats Everything, Joe Goddard, Michal Zietara, Pol_On, Stefano Ritteri, Thorsteinssøn, Trikk

REMIXERS: Borrowed Identity, Geeeman, Kassian, Sei A

LABEL: Pets Recordings, PETSDIG009
GENRE: Deep House
RELEASED: 2019-07-19
BITRATE: 320Kbps


  1. Catz ‘n Dogz, ZENSOFLY, Maxville – Wave feat. Zensofly & Maxville (Kassian Remix) (08:00) / C♯min, 126bpm
  2. Matthew Dear, Eats Everything, Joe Goddard – Love Games (Original Mix) (05:38) / Amin, 125bpm
  3. Stefano Ritteri – Nice Up Your Dance (Original Mix) (07:55) / D♯min, 124bpm
  4. Adam Port, Jennifer Touch – This Time (Sei A Remix) (06:54) / Amin, 121bpm
  5. Joseph Ashworth – Collapse (Atmos Version) (06:47) / Dmin, 123bpm
  6. Justin Jay – You Give Me Butterflies (Original Mix) (06:20) / Emaj, 123bpm
  7. Jonathan Kaspar – Cicatrice (Original Mix) (06:42) / Dmin, 122bpm
  8. Lookleft, Bearright – Miss You (Original Mix) (07:54) / Bmin, 123bpm
  9. Pol_On – Transsistor (Original Mix) (06:53) / F♯maj, 124bpm
  10. Trikk – Floorwave (Original Mix) (07:52) / Dmaj, 125bpm
  11. Thorsteinssøn – Sammy (Geeeman Remix) (06:22) / Cmin, 124bpm
  12. Beesmunt Soundsystem – Searchin’ (Borrowed Identity Remix) (07:05) / Dmin, 125bpm
  13. Black Loops – Where My Girls At (Original Mix) (06:18) / A♯min, 124bpm
  14. Michal Zietara – Petarda (Original Mix) (07:45) / Amin, 124bpm
  15. Jay Shepheard – Bullfrogging (Original Mix) (06:40) / Amaj, 126bpm
  16. Kamp! – Azure (Original Mix) (05:42) / F♯maj, 107bpm
  17. Jacek Sienkiewicz – SU17 (Original Mix) (08:07) / Fmaj, 124bpm

Total Playtime: 01:58:54 min

It can be a tricky task keeping up with Pets Recordings jam-packed release schedule. That’s why the imprint’s “My Favourite Pets” compilation series, which gathers together brilliant bits from the catalogue you may have missed, is essential listening. Volume six is naturally full to bursting with tried-and-tested treats from Catz ‘N’ Dogz excellent imprint. Highlights are plentiful throughout, of course, but our favourites include Kassian’s exclusive rework of recent Catz ‘N’ Dogs single “Wave” (a bumpin’ chunk of peak-time brilliance), the exotic dancefloor hypnotism of Sei A’s fine remix of “This Time” by Adam Port and Jennifer Touch, the low-slung sleaze of Jonathan Kaspar’s “Cicatrice”, the classic West Coast deep house bump of Beesmunt Soundsystem’s “Searchin (Borrowed Identity Remix)” and the mid-tempo Balearic house beauty of Kamp’s “Azure”.

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