Jitwam – Honeycomb Remixes / TARTALB010RMX

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RELEASE: Honeycomb Remixes
ARTIST(S): Jitwam

REMIXERS: Glenn Astro, Horatio Luna

LABEL: Tartelet Records, TARTALB010RMX
GENRE: Nu Disco / Disco
RELEASED: 2019-09-13
BITRATE: 320Kbps


  1. Jitwam – Temptations (Glenn Astro Interpretation) (03:07) / F♯maj, 99bpm
  2. Jitwam – Diamonds (Horatio Luna’s Thunderstorm Mix) (03:02) / Cmin, 129bpm
  3. Jitwam – Busstop (N.O.T.E’s Pastamix) (05:16) / Dmin, 119bpm

Total Playtime: 00:11:25 min

Multi-instrumentalist and producer Jitwam tickled our fancy earlier this year with “Honeycomb”, a superb set that brilliantly joined the dots between seductive lo-fi soul, dusty instrumental hip-hop and slick future R&B. This EP sees three of that album’s most potent tracks getting the remix treatment. Glenn Astro steps up first with a rework of “Temptations” that takes the seductive, spaced-out soul cut to the farthest reaches of the galaxy via starry synthesizer lines, supernova chords and life-affirming space-funk flourishes. Horatio Luna provides an even more impressive and out-there take on “Diamonds” – all swirling electronics, jazz-fired beats and Prince-esque vocals – while N.O.T.E’s “Pastamix” of “Busstop” offers a near perfect fusion of jaunty jazz-funk synths, broken beat-influenced deep house drums and yearning machine soul.

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