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DJ Lion – Le temps de l’amour (Album) / HHBER003

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RELEASE: Le temps de l’amour


LABEL: Harthouse / HHBER003
GENRE: Lossless, Techno
RELEASED: 2019-10-11


  1. DJ Lion – Intro (Original Mix) (00:54) / G♯min, 195bpm
  2. DJ Lion – Only High (Original Mix) (06:30) / Dmaj, 123bpm
  3. DJ Lion – Light Shooter (Original Mix) (05:57) / Gmin, 129bpm
  4. DJ Lion – Looloop (Original Mix) (06:15) / Amin, 128bpm
  5. DJ Lion – Chunky Space (Original Mix) (05:53) / Gmaj, 128bpm
  6. DJ Lion – Just Good Vibz (Original Mix) (05:44) / Bmin, 127bpm
  7. DJ Lion – Le Temps De L’Amour (Original Mix) (06:08) / Bmin, 128bpm
  8. DJ Lion – Espirit de l’escalier (Original Mix) (06:01) / Emaj, 128bpm
  9. DJ Lion – Jewroll (Original Mix) (06:13) / Gmaj, 126bpm
  10. DJ Lion – Reticulation (Original Mix) (07:00) / Amin, 126bpm
  11. DJ Lion – Wizspell (Original Mix) (07:35) / Gmin, 132bpm
  12. DJ Lion – Feder Feler (Original Mix) (07:07) / Gmin, 128bpm
  13. DJ Lion – Epiphonema (Original Mix) (05:59) / Amin, 129bpm
  14. DJ Lion – Outro (Original Mix) (01:27) / Amin, 111bpm

Total Playtime: 01:18:43 min

The waiting has finally come to an end. We’re proud to present DJ Lion’s long-awaited album ‘Le Temps De L’Amour’.
The Balkan-born and now Berlin-based exceptional artist spoils us with twelve versatile and nifty tracks.
After a short intro DJ Lion sets the tone with the opening track ‘Only High’ that leads the way into the album, followed by ‘Light Shooter’ which has already caused quite some noise as the second teaser for the album after ‘Reticulation’.
In the following DJ Lion raises the bar. Always Techno, but by using tons of different ingredients from acid (‘Chunky Space’) to a splash of steroids (‘Jewroll’) to a pinch of love (‘Le Temps De L’Amour’) he manages to keep the album diverse and always gripping.
With ‘Epiphonema’ and its kinky synth lines DJ Lion shows us a more freaky side of him before he perfectly finishes off the journey. DJ Lion demonstrates the capability of a techno album to tell a story from start to finish without ever losing its primary focus: to inspire and thrill the listeners

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