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Wehbba – Straight Lines and Sharp Corners / Drumcode

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RELEASE: Straight Lines and Sharp Corners
ARTIST(S): David Carretta, L_cio, Wehbba, Thomas Gandey


LABEL: Drumcode | DC220
GENRE: LOSSLESS, Electronica / Downtempo
RELEASED: 2020-03-09


  1. Wehbba – Prelude: Goya (Original Mix) (02:23) keyDmin, bpm128
  2. Wehbba, Thomas Gandey – Hyper Real Decadence feat. Thomas Gandey (Original Mix) (06:46) keyAmin, bpm128
  3. Wehbba – Deluge (Original Mix) (07:23) keyGmin, bpm128
  4. Wehbba – Basic Pleasure (Original Mix) (06:30) keyDmin, bpm128
  5. Wehbba – Dove Rush (Original Mix) (06:51) keyDmin, bpm128
  6. Wehbba – Brainflex: Interlude (Original Mix) (03:00) keyEmin, bpm124
  7. Wehbba – No Sleep (Original Mix) (05:50) keyAmin, bpm132
  8. David Carretta, Wehbba – Sharpshooter feat. David Carretta (Original Mix) (06:22) keyDmin, bpm133
  9. Wehbba – Second Nature (Original Mix) (07:25) keyA♯min, bpm129
  10. Wehbba – Residual Self (Original Mix) (06:22) keyAmin, bpm135
  11. Wehbba – Coup of Doubt (Original Mix) (07:29) keyCmaj, bpm129
  12. Wehbba – 14th to Grand Central (Original Mix) (08:43) keyD♯min, bpm220
  13. Wehbba, L_cio – Digital Sunset feat. L_cio (Original Mix) (04:15) keyAmin, bpm116

Total Playtime: 01:19:19 min

Landing 10 years after his first concept album, Wehbba’s drops his debut full-length on Drumcode, featuring collaborations with David Caretta, Thomas Gandey and Brazilian vocalist L-cio.

Following a series of globally adored EPs and inclusions within the imprint’s esteemed A-Sides compilation series, the chart-dominating São Paulo native now reflects upon his life as ‘the artist’, offering an immersive montage of stories that echo a tenacious dedication to his craft. Enlisting the talents of multi-instrumentalist Thomas Gandey, Electroclash pioneer David Carretta and fellow Brazilian L-cio, with his unparalleled flute mastery, Wehbba’s synergetic cuts span the breadth of electronic music’s sonic landscape, as he challenges the notion of genres with seasoned voices.

Birthed from the purest inspiration, the album’s 13 cuts represent a myriad of musical references close to Wehbba’s heart, running parallel with the organic sensibilities of his field recordings. An ode to eternal growth, the LP highlights a cycle of perception and projection, as Wehbba studies the morphing of genres through his own musical filter. Discussing the upcoming album, Wehbba commented:

“The musical references on these works trace back to the 90s, when I started listening to electronic music and had no judgment of what was cool – when I was totally free. So they represent, without any filter, what touched me, ranging from braindance to goa trance, from ambient to hard house, and from drum n’ bass through every single mutation of techno and house music.”

As a key ambassador for Brazil’s dance music community on a global scale, Wehbba’s long-standing career has seen him affiliate with many of the industry greats on both remix and collaborative projects; testament to his flourishing reputation. Following on from the geometric-led titles of his first two albums, Straight Lines and Sharp Corners alludes to the difficult decisions and blunt shifts he has faced in his career, and their capacity to shape his identity over time. Studying the great Antoni Gaudi, Wehbba’s third LP title takes reference from his perceptive quote: “There are no straight lines or sharp corners in nature, therefore buildings must have no straight lines or sharp corners. Anything created by human beings is already in the great book of nature.”

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