LOSSLESSOrganic House / Downtempo

Guy Maayan – Toitz / ACKER074

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ARTIST(S): Contenance & Miles Away, Pophop, Solidmind, Guy Maayan

REMIXERS: Miles Away, Contenance, Pophop, Solidmind

LABEL: Acker Records | ACKER074
GENRE: LOSSLESS, Organic House / Downtempo
RELEASED: 2021-03-05


  1. Guy Maayan – Tzatzu’s Hospitality (Original Mix) (07:50) keyC, bpm117
  2. Guy Maayan – Vgod’s Mystery (Original Mix) (06:55) keyC, bpm118
  3. Guy Maayan – Ruthless Ramzy (Original Mix) (07:16) keyF, bpm118
  4. Pophop, Guy Maayan – Tzatzu’s Hospitality (Pophop Remix) (09:22) keyC, bpm116
  5. Solidmind, Guy Maayan – Vgod’s Mystery (Solidmind Remix) (06:43) keyCm, bpm118
  6. Guy Maayan, Contenance & Miles Away – Ruthless Ramzy (Contenance & Miles Away Remix) (07:20) keyC, bpm115

Total Playtime: 00:45:26 min

Guy Mayaan digs deep in his bag, comes up with the memories of a journey around the world of music and starts juggling them to the rhythm of a pounding kick drum: The ritualist rattle of percussions, the thrilling bonfire stories of his electric guitar, the warmth of an evening in the desert condensed into sound… The overlapping orbits of these single elements add up to an ever-evolving pattern of playful, trippy harmony. A perfect example of how minimalism works on the dance floor. As a bonus, there’s a remix for each of the three original tracks, each one crafted by a different artist. Pophop plays the whole gamut of his melodic forward thrust, the groove of Solidmind flows through us like a glittering stream of water, Contenance & Miles confront us with the delightful question: Actually what happened to gravity all of a sudden?

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