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VA – Abstract Afro Journey, Vol. 3 / KSD438

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RELEASE: Abstract Afro Journey, Vol. 3
ARTIST(S): B-Liv, Christos Fourkis, Darksidevinyl, Dennis Ferrer, Bola Belo, DJ Qness, Lizwi, DJ Romain, Jon Cutler, Jeanie Hopper, Ed Nine, [email protected], Karla Brown, Rhythm Staircase, Mateo & Matos, Spellband, Stan Zeff, Urban Soul, Roland Clark

REMIXERS: Christos Fourkis, DC Soundsystem, FNX OMAR, Jihad Muhammad, Supernova

LABEL: Nite Grooves | KSD438
RELEASED: 2021-03-26


  1. Dennis Ferrer – Transitions (Unreleased Christos Fourkis Afrosoul Mix) (06:25) key, bpm124
  2. Christos Fourkis – Keao (Unreleased Original Mix) (06:21) key, bpm124
  3. Darksidevinyl – Jago (Unreleased Christos Fourkis Dub Djembe Mix) (07:01) key, bpm122
  4. DJ Qness, Lizwi – Imithwalo (FNX Omar Remix) (08:01) key, bpm120
  5. Spellband – Fly (06:30) key, bpm124
  6. DJ Romain, Jon Cutler, Jeanie Hopper – De Ja Vu (Supernova Dub In The Jungle Mix) (06:42) key, bpm126
  7. Dennis Ferrer, Bola Belo – Dem People Go (DC Soundsystem Remix) (07:31) key, bpm124
  8. Urban Soul, Roland Clark – We Alive (Jihad Muhammad Instrumental) (08:20) key, bpm125
  9. [email protected] – Deep Africa (07:01) key, bpm122
  10. Christos Fourkis – Camajera (06:50) key, bpm123
  11. Mateo & Matos – Deep Afro Roots (Christos Fourkis Afrogressive Mix) (06:43) key, bpm125
  12. Karla Brown, Rhythm Staircase – Excuse Me (Christos Fourkis Afro Dub Mix) (06:18) key, bpm125
  13. Stan Zeff – Efun (07:10) key, bpm124
  14. B-Liv – Just Taking (05:58) key, bpm124
  15. Ed Nine – Love Never Ending (06:28) key, bpm124

Total Playtime: 01:43:19 min

With over 20 years in the game, Greek DJ/producer Christos Fourkis has been cranking out incredible Afro-house influenced deep and melodic dance music since 1998. We here at Nite Grooves called on Fourkis’s exquisite talents to comb through out label catalog and select his favorite cuts along with supplying a brand new single, two new remixes, and an 80min. continuous mix for our “Abstract Afro Journey Vol. 3” VA compilation. Kicking things off, expect to hear Christos’s remixes of Dennis Ferrer and Darksidevinyl along with his brand-new track “Keao.” Other artists included are DJ Qness, FNX Omar, Spellband, DJ Romain, Jon Cutler, Supernova, DC Soundsystem, Roland Clark, Jihad Muhammad, [email protected], Mateo & Matos, Rhythm Staircase, Stan Zeff, B-Liv, and Ed Ninbe.//

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