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VA – Hive Audio Best Of 2020 / HA116

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RELEASE: Hive Audio Best Of 2020
ARTIST(S): Animal Trainer, Manuel Moreno, Mar Dean, Markus Homm, Normen Hood, Reto Ardour, Rion S, David Aurel, SOAME, Sous Sol, Vanita

REMIXERS: Gorge, LondonGround, Ron Flatter

LABEL: Hive Audio | HA116
RELEASED: 2021-02-26


  1. Sous Sol – Every Day (07:16) key, bpm125
  2. Rion S, David Aurel – We Got Time (06:19) key, bpm123
  3. SOAME – Old School (07:09) key, bpm123
  4. Sous Sol – I’m Back (Londonground Remix) (06:32) key, bpm125
  5. Mar Dean – Come With Me (07:36) key, bpm123
  6. SOAME – Child (Gorge Remix) (07:04) key, bpm123
  7. Animal Trainer – Crucita (07:18) key, bpm120
  8. Markus Homm – Amour Fou (08:13) key, bpm125
  9. Mar Dean – Euphoria feat. Nicole (Ron Flatter Remix) (07:46) key, bpm122
  10. Normen Hood – Radiant Moon (08:01) key, bpm120
  11. Reto Ardour – Falling (06:56) key, bpm120
  12. Vanita – Still On My Mind feat. Eleonora (06:25) key, bpm121
  13. Manuel Moreno – Hope (08:34) key, bpm123

Total Playtime: 01:35:09 min

The year is 2k21 and we’re looking back at the strangest, most disconcerting and disheartening year in the history of electronic dance music, maybe even the history of the entire music industry ever.With no shows, no open dancefloors, no festivals, no clubs and no gatherings the past 12 months took a draining and constraining toll on everyone on the scene and the Hive Audio label crew certainly is no exception, but……we survived, we are still here, we re-adjusted, re-evaluated and we are ready to cope with the recent status quo as long as it’s needed, with a strong release schedule and big plans in place for 2k21.Yet despite all the madness we, you and all of us dealt with we also happened to release a bunch of tunes throughout the last year, tunes that probably didn’t make it to (m)any dancefloors given the circumstances but still are as strong, powerful and most of all uplifting as they used to be when they were released.So here they are again or at least a few of them which are what we consider to be the Best Of 2020, the tunes that defined the sound of Hive Audio throughout the year that has passed, the cuts that made us smile, move and shake our bodies in isolation and we hope that they gonna make you shake yours as well – no matter if your in for uplifting House, groove-focused, melodic TechHouse or deep late night (Neo)Trance.Enjoy the ride!//

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VA – Best Of Moss Co. 2020 / MOSSVLP001

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