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VA – Versus Vol.1 / AEON050

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RELEASE: Versus Vol.1
ARTIST(S): Alex Niggemann, Speaking Minds, Benjamin Fröhlich, Bawrut, Darlyn Vlys, Amarcord, Futuristant, Kimshies, Jepe, Biesmans, Panthera Krause, Peter Invasion, Rina, Uriah Klapter


LABEL: Aeon | AEON050
RELEASED: 2021-03-26


  1. Alex Niggemann, Speaking Minds – Disco Tedesco (07:09) keyA, bpm122
  2. Benjamin Fröhlich, Bawrut – Kirmes (05:38) keyC, bpm132
  3. Panthera Krause, Peter Invasion – Fiesta Hunuku (06:11) keyB, bpm157
  4. Futuristant, Kimshies – My Body Is Burning (07:13) keyEb, bpm122
  5. Darlyn Vlys, Amarcord – Talking Modern (05:37) keyA, bpm124
  6. Jepe, Biesmans – Fashionably Late (06:57) keyGm, bpm122
  7. Rina, Uriah Klapter – Acid In 1986 (06:36) keyEb, bpm122

Total Playtime: 00:45:21 min

Berlin-based label AEON is celebrating its 50th release with a unique Compilation called ‘VERSUS’. 
This EP features seven very special collaborations from cutting-edge artists such as Bawrut & Benjamin Fröhlich, Panthera Krause & Peter Invasion, Alex Niggemann & Speaking Minds, Kimshies & Futuristant, Darlyn Vlys & Amarcord, Biesmans & Jepe and Rina & Uriah Klapter. Label boss Alex Niggemann explains: “The idea was to get some of the core artists together, setting up collaborations that might would never have happened elsewhere and will forever stay as their first and exclusive work together.“

„Disco Tedesco“ is certainly a classic in the making. Alex Niggemann & Speaking Minds – two of the founding members of AEON – kick off with a very recognizable Disco vibe with their very first collaborating, reminding on the early hours of house music. A driving & funky bassline and its very recognizable hook, will put immediately a satisfying grin on your face, while making this tune stuck in your ears after the first listen.
Bawrut, who’s previously released on Life & Death and Permanent Vacation co-founder Benjamin Fröhlich bring a bit of a darker tune with subtle hints of breakbeat & acid to this EP, which is lightened up midway by a female vocal sample. The dark electro inspired sequencer bring you in a trance like state. „Kirmes“ is a track that will both perform well during peak time and afterhour sets.
Panthera Krause & Peter Invasion, who run the Leipzig based label Riotvan together, surprise with a breakbeat start of their first-ever collaboration as musicians… and that on AEON!
„Fiesta Hunuku“ has an industrial vibe, with sharp sounds and driving drum rhythm. Tension rises throughout and continues to build up this fusion of electro and Indie Dance, all leading up to an eccentric drop.
„My Body Is Burning“ by the French duo Kimshies & mysterious Italian producer Futuristant instantly kicks off a club vibe. A female voice shouts: “My heart is aching…!“ Only to be joined by a dark vocoded voice later. It reminds us of an 80s science fiction movie and is surly the peak time bomb from this release.
French DJ/Producer Darlyn Vlys & young Italian talent Amarcord created a modern sounding Proto-house banger, with a very recognizable melody and a female vocal throughout. With its groovy vocal stabs, long sweeping synths, and effected soundscape drums „ Talking Modern“ immediately feels „familiar“.
Jepe, who recently released his debut EP on AEON and Biesmans, who’s part of the team for a while, bring a more melodic touch with their indie dance inspired tune „ Fashionably Late“. Lots of analogue synths build melodic layers to achieve a very danceable tune with an 80s reminiscent tone.
The final collaboration of this EP comes from Rina & Uriah Klapter. Two talented musicians from the Tel Aviv scene. The track lives up to its name ‘Acid in 1986’, with its retro acid vibe, pumping „off-bassline“ and a male vocal sample to accompany this groovy after hour tune.

About AEON
AEON focuses on conjuring up the spirit of classic and timeless House, Indie Dance, (Italo)- Disco and everything in between, updating it and creating new frontiers.
Launched in April 2013, AEON is a label created as a platform to release music that stands for quality and originality. Music that fits perfectly into sets with multiple musical dimensions – steering clear of being too obvious, or just being purely functional. 
AEON is a label for people with open minds, open hearts and open ears.
Electronic music shouldn’t have borders and that creativity and experimentation without restrictions and expectations is what allows artists to make exceptional music that becomes timeless and treasured.
We carefully select each release & remix to fit with this ethos, showcasing and building an ever-evolving family of exceptionally talented artists and like-minded souls

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