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VA – Ten Years of Butter Sessions, Vol. 3 / BSRTEN3

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RELEASE: Ten Years of Butter Sessions, Vol. 3
ARTIST(S): Ben Fester, Ben Keynes, D. Tiffany, Furious Frank, Makeda, Mosam Howieson, Turner Street Sound


LABEL: Butter Sessions | BSRTEN3
RELEASED: 2021-04-16


  1. Turner Street Sound – Time (05:03) key, bpm140
  2. Mosam Howieson – Influx (05:01) key, bpm88
  3. D. Tiffany – Cast the Trance (08:00) key, bpm138
  4. Ben Fester – Tumbo Rumblin (07:26) key, bpm95
  5. Furious Frank – Blue Light (04:54) key, bpm132
  6. Makeda – Fable (03:36) key, bpm118
  7. Ben Keynes – Doordrms (03:16) key, bpm120

Total Playtime: 00:37:16 min

Naarm (Melbourne) based collective Butter Sessions celebrate over a decade in business with an extensive glossary of talented friends and affiliates pressed on a three-part compilation series. The label has always held the community closest, as exemplified by the 20+ artists featured over the three releases. Each 12″ presents a grand soundscape anchored into the tenebrous energy of the dancefloor, with its inquisitive electronics and fierce pulse. If there was a definition for the Butter Sessions sound of ten years in the making, the answer lies here.
The final compilation in the series commences with Time, a masterful blend of mid-tempo digi-dub and two step. Mosam Howieson gifts us Influx, a thick and hazy wedge of techno and Canada’s D. Tiffany serves up the mechanic and restless techno on a knife’s edge in Cast the Trance. Ben Fester delivers Tumbo Rumblin, a leftfield slice of intergalactic electronics. Meanwhile, Furious Frank presents the electro and acid charged Blue Light while Makeda plays with genre expectations with the experimental composition Fable. Finally, the record’s conclusion is Doordrms by Ben Keynes; dipping in tempo with acid drops, resulting in thoughtful IDM nuances.//

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