Electro (Classic / Detroit / Modern)

White Solar Dog, Aiby – White Solar Dog / SH09D

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RELEASE: White Solar Dog
ARTIST(S): Aiby, White Solar Dog

REMIXERS: Moy, Paul Blackford, VOIRON

LABEL: Sin Hilo Recs | SH09D
GENRE: LOSSLESS, Electro (Classic / Detroit / Modern)


  1. White Solar Dog – Love Is the Message (05:08) key, bpm79
  2. White Solar Dog – Thrill Me / Kill Me (05:07) key, bpm127
  3. White Solar Dog – Through All Dimensions (05:00) key, bpm124
  4. White Solar Dog – Beyond Space (05:20) key, bpm108
  5. Aiby, White Solar Dog – Malheureux bipède feat. Aiby (04:06) key, bpm67
  6. White Solar Dog – Time Delay (05:33) key, bpm69
  7. White Solar Dog – Beyond Space (MOY Remix) (05:07) key, bpm127
  8. White Solar Dog – Thrill Me / Kill Me (Paul Blackford Remix) (04:04) key, bpm127
  9. White Solar Dog – Malheureux bipède (Voiron Remix) (02:47) key, bpm135

Total Playtime: 00:42:12 min

White Solar Dog is the debut album of @computah in Sin Hilo records. The 9 track album releases an inedit project with a new alias “White Solar Dog”, who represents a god looking for new devotees and followers to inspire.

WSD is a music album as well as a live performance, presented along with Vj Render sophisticated audiovisual live experiences, with electronic bites published in a fine only 300 copies #vinyl. It is also an honour to introduce 3 remixes from our heroes @Moy, @Voiron and @Paul-Blackford adding new perspectives and another point of view to the artist’s tracks.

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