Escort – Cocaine Blues / GLITS074D2

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RELEASE: Cocaine Blues
ARTIST(S): Escort

REMIXERS: Ewan Pearson, Greg Wilson

LABEL: Glitterbox Recordings | GLITS074D2
GENRE: AIFF, Nu Disco / Disco
RELEASED: 2021-05-21


  1. Escort – Cocaine Blues (Extended Mix) (06:41) key, bpm109
  2. Escort – Cocaine Blues (Greg Wilson Extended Remix) (09:37) key, bpm112
  3. Escort – Cocaine Blues (Mama’s Gonna Chop You Out Extended Remix by Ewan Pearson) (07:38) key, bpm114
  4. Escort – Cocaine Blues (Extended Instrumental) (06:41) key, bpm109

Total Playtime: 00:30:37 min

Originally released in 2010 on their own label, Brooklyn nu-disco group Escort’s ‘Cocaine Blues’ is lovingly revisited by Glitterbox Recordings over a decade later, re-introducing the dancefloor essential to a new generation of disco fans. A loose remake of disco-reggae classic ‘Cocaine in My Brain’ by Jamaican DJ Dillinger, Escort’s ‘Cocaine Blues’ with its relaxed, disco approach and catchy vocal soon became a hit. With Greg Wilson and Ewan Pearson stepping up on remix duties, Greg taking the stripped-back approach with minimal vocals and enhanced drums, and Pearson going for a housier feel with filtered vocals and swirling synths, this package still sounds just as good as it did when it first graced dancefloors.

Escort ‘Cocaine Blues’

  1. Cocaine Blues (Extended Mix)
  2. Cocaine Blues (Greg Wilson Extended Remix)
  3. Cocaine Blues (Mama’s Gonna Chop You Out Extended Remix by Ewan Pearson)
  4. Cocaine Blues (Extended Instrumental)

Written by Lester Bullock
Produced by Dan Balis & Eugene Cho
Arranged by Eugene Cho, Dan Balis & Mark Tewarson
Lead Vocal by Joy Dragland
Backing Vocals by Karlie Bruce, Elizabeth Dotson-Westphalen & Gregory Clark
Guitar by Daniel Balis & Mark Tewarson
Keyboards by Eugene Cho
Baritone Sax & Alto Sax by Jon Natchez
Trombone by Ryan Keberle
Trumpet by Shane Endsley
Violin & Viola by Caleb Burhans & Poauline Kim
Cello by Brian Snow
Drums by Ben Herson
Recorded, Engineered & Mixed by Eugene Cho
Recorded At 304 Hudson Street Studios & Jefferson St. Studios, September 2, 2010
Track 2 Remix & Additional Production by Greg Wilson
Track 3 Remix & Additional Production by Ewan Pearson
Published by Valdene Music/Blue Mountain Music Ltd (ASCAP)
P&C 2010 Glitterbox Recordings//

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