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Mar Dean – Perseverance / HM126

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RELEASE: Perseverance
ARTIST(S): Mar Dean


LABEL: Heinz Music | HM126
GENRE: LOSSLESS, Melodic House & Techno
RELEASED: 2021-05-07


  1. Mar Dean – Perseverance (07:41) key, bpm123
  2. Mar Dean – The Speech (08:02) key, bpm124
  3. Mar Dean – Perseverance (Beckers Remix) (06:47) key, bpm123

Total Playtime: 00:22:30 min

Give it up for the newest face in the Heinz Music family, Mar Dean! Hailing from Switzerland, this guy is celebrated for his playful and effortless motions between genres and styles, always keeping his fans on their toes with what is about to come next.

His new release “”Perseverance EP” is a melodic yet groovy master piece. The title track is filled with enchanting synths and a bouncy bassline, leading us towards the dreamy and melancholic vocals in the break. Secondly, “The Speech” takes us straight into another catchy groove. A tighter drum work gives the perfect frame for uplifting vocals and beautiful synths that build up tension and explode in a frenzy of emotion with the drop.

Last, but not least, the immensely talented Beckers takes the reign on “Perseverance”. Being one of the most respected and celebrated artists within the melodic techno genre and beyond, you know this is going to be good. While skilfully orchestrating elements from the original into his soundscape, Beckers sharpens the drive in his remix with on point percussive work and adds a good dose of fierceness to the vibe.

What a release! Enjoy our Heinz Music nr. 126!//

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