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Danny Wolfers – Song Of Moss / Nightwind Records

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RELEASE: Song Of Moss
ARTIST(S): Danny Wolfers


LABEL: Nightwind Records |
GENRE: Electronic, Stage & Screen
BITRATE: 320Kbps


  1. Danny Wolfers – 苔の唄 Song Of Moss (02:35) key, bpm
  2. Danny Wolfers – Small Island Harbour (07:31) key, bpm
  3. Danny Wolfers – Life On The Yakushima Ferry (07:11) key, bpm
  4. Danny Wolfers – Mountain Bus (02:54) key, bpm
  5. Danny Wolfers – Dragonfly Scene (05:58) key, bpm
  6. Danny Wolfers – Devotional Dawn Sequence (02:23) key, bpm
  7. Danny Wolfers – Commercial Beach (03:18) key, bpm
  8. Danny Wolfers – Sightseeing In A Waterfall (04:50) key, bpm
  9. Danny Wolfers – Lush Evergreen Chant (06:15) key, bpm
  10. Danny Wolfers – Nevertheless, It Will Rain (05:48) key, bpm
  11. Danny Wolfers – RGB Vegetation (04:48) key, bpm
  12. Danny Wolfers – ASMR Hotel Window (02:15) key, bpm
  13. Danny Wolfers – The Next Door Island Has Space Science (08:45) key, bpm
  14. Danny Wolfers – Ending (03:33) key, bpm
  15. Danny Wolfers – Cassette Filler (03:31) key, bpm

Total Playtime: 01:11:35 min


Original Soundtrack for Alexander Falk’s 2020 Song of Moss – a trippy short movie about a voyage to the Japanese island of Yakushima.

Some of the tracks did not make it in the movie and have been expanded with vocals and extra bits inspired by the images of this intriguing Island. It definitely has this rainy evergreen forest vibe, heavy on the spacey sinister melodic side of things with bits of ‘shoreless’ meandering Rhodes amateur space jazz. I also experimented a bit deeper in the vocal chanting side of things this time. There will be a limited cassette tape version next week or around that time, I included the cassette tape inlay PDF in thia Bandcamp release which has the lyrics written out and you can always make your own bootleg cassette with that ofcourse ;)

What do you think?

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