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Rico Puestel – Album Pre-Exhibition / XBITX1

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RELEASE: Album Pre-Exhibition
ARTIST(S): Rico Puestel

REMIXERS: BOWMN, Florian Hollerith, Secret Cinema

LABEL: Exhibition | XBITX1
RELEASED: 2021-07-16


  1. Rico Puestel – LAPS (Album Version) (10:21) key, bpm126
  2. Rico Puestel – LAPS (BOWMN Remix) (05:07) key, bpm132
  3. Rico Puestel – LAPS (Secret Cinema Remix) (09:24) key, bpm130
  4. Rico Puestel – LAPS (Florian Hollerith Remix) (10:00) key, bpm126

Total Playtime: 00:34:52 min

With his album “Obi Thine Xi” due in late summer 2021, Rico Puestel delivers an early and tasteful tempting with the pre-single “LAPS” joined by three absolutely sharp remixes on 180 grams heavyweight and plain white vinyl, figuratively representing the untouched canvas. With the aspiration of creating a diverse spectrum of prime Techno music currents, the original album track “LAPS”, a well-proven yet augmented Puestel’ish stomper of 10 Minutes that prompts reminiscences to his latest EPs on Cocoon Recordings, is given further touches by scene freshman “BOWMN” from the UK, the indubitable Dutch legend “Secret Cinema” and the unique German sound aesthete, overall creative mind, painter and winemaker “Florian Hollerith” from the beautiful Palatinate. Following the pre-album presentation of “LAPS”, BOWMN dives into the realms of pure melodic Techno bliss with a genuine nostalgic yet onward feeling which experiences a sophisticated definition throughout his massive interpretation. If there’s one way to know if you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them – this is it! On the flip-side, the one, the only and the legendary Secret Cinema constructs a well-driven and tight top class production work with his groovy expanded remix work of LAPS that might come along as some track that gives you some kind of timeless attitude. Closing the “LAPS” journey, Florian Hollerith serves up a highly elaborated next level remix that already defines a future of Techno music that might hasn’t come yet while perfectly balancing unearthed highs with some deeply grounded depths of electronic music creation. An overall highly harmonious and keen record that will bring you through early and mid summer 2021 until the forthcoming album “Obi Thine Xi” sees the light of day…//

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