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Warmth – The Darkest Place / ARCHIVES71

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RELEASE: The Darkest Place
ARTIST(S): Warmth


LABEL: Archives | ARCHIVES71
GENRE: LOSSLESS, Electronica
RELEASED: 2021-01-28


  1. Warmth – No Stars Tonight (05:01) key, bpm235
  2. Warmth – Wounds (04:14) key, bpm92
  3. Warmth – The Infinite (04:23) key, bpm140
  4. Warmth – Inpour (04:30) key, bpm152
  5. Warmth – Cirrus (04:21) key, bpm114
  6. Warmth – The Darkest Place (05:18) key, bpm136
  7. Warmth – Shades (03:56) key, bpm120
  8. Warmth – Everything Burns (04:28) key, bpm129
  9. Warmth – The Darkest Place (Continuous) (35:08) key, bpm

Total Playtime: 01:11:19 min

‘The Darkest Place’ It’s Warmth’s sixth ambient album, after ‘Essay’, ‘Home’, ‘Parallel’, ‘Wildlife’ and ‘Life’.
“My albums are usually about my experiences and my mood at the time I’m working on them. ‘Wildlife’ was like some kind of soundtrack for an imaginary film, but on a more personal level, it was really inspired by my childhood. ‘Life’ was also very focused on the past and my present at that moment, especially on the loss and some difficult moments through the years.
This year I have turned 40 and when I started working at ‘The Darkest Place’, I was at a time when I really felt that I knew and accepted myself better, but then this whole pandemic disaster happened. I have been very lucky and it has not affected me directly. Everything became very strange and like everyone, I suppose, I was very disturbed by that feeling of uncertainty. About how our whole world can change from one moment to another, so the direction of the album was changing a bit. I would say, that ‘The Darkest Place’ It’s about how irrelevant certain concerns can become and about valuing everything that was there and we didn’t even care anymore. There are certainly some dark parts, as the title evokes, but there’s also a lot of room for more gentle and bright sounds, since I really tried not to feel too pessimistic about the situation.”

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