LOSSLESSOrganic House / Downtempo

15 Years of Akbal Music, Pt. 1 / AKBAL207A

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RELEASE: 15 Years of Akbal Music, Pt. 1
ARTIST(S): Cocho, Gadi Mitrani, Serkan Eles, Taleman


LABEL: Akbal Music | AKBAL207A
GENRE: LOSSLESS, Organic House / Downtempo
RELEASED: 2021-10-29


  1. Serkan Eles – Story of Truth (06:37) key, bpm122
  2. Taleman – The Lamp (08:19) key, bpm120
  3. Gadi Mitrani – Stripes on Stars (07:43) key, bpm121
  4. Cocho – Everything We Swore (07:41) key, bpm121

Total Playtime: 00:30:20 min

Akbal Music, a label that started in the Riviera Maya launched in 2006 in Mexico and by now travelled around the globe and connected with amazing artists and musicians is celebraring this year it´s 15 years milestone and we are hyper happy for this achievement releasing a massive compilation divided in 3 parts perfect to keep the momentum of this historic celebration.

The first part of the album welcomes Serkan Eles with a mid tempo groover perfect to open things up driving the direction for then to follow up with Taleman that delivers a more hypnotic track with mysterious synths and trippy chords perfect to start a set.

Following up the EP Gadi Mitrani from Turkey has nice number filled with emotion and meditative piano chords, uplifting sounds and a great vibe and energy.

Finally to close the release we have Cocho from Argentina spicing things upo with a vocal house tune perfect for this open air raves and getting the girls into the dace floor


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